Trick by Christopher Rawlins
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Trick by Christopher Rawlins (44.95)

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PredicTABLE - magic

A unique spin on an all-time classic that allows you to create genuine connections with your audience.

While “Out Of This World” is widely considered to be one of the best card magic tricks you can learn, at the end of the day, it is still a card trick. And, for some audiences, it is an unfortunate reality that all card tricks start to look the same after a while. There are also some mentalists passionately against the use of playing cards in mentalism.

“PredicTABLE” is Chris Rawlins’ innovative and refreshing approach to the Paul Curry classic that solves all these problems. It’s not just a trick using some red and black playing cards, but rather an immersive exploration of the decisions each of us make on a regular basis.

Using specially-made question cards, you play a captivating game that encourages conversations. Your audience will genuinely want to invest in this routine as it moves along.

Instead of red and black piles. The questions are truthfully answered and sorted into “yes” and “no” piles based on the response given. This is information that would be seemingly impossible for you to know in advance. Yet, when the cards are flipped over, it’s revealed you knew exactly which pile they’d end up in the entire time.

“This is the best presentation for OOTW I’ve ever seen. I will absolutely perform this!” Colin Mcleod

“PredictTABLE” is easy to do. Chris masterfully explains three different handlings, as well as the crucial subtleties that elevate this routine into a true powerhouse.

The included cards were designed from scratch by a professional designer and produced with premium quality stock that handles perfectly. Hidden secrets within the design aid in the seamless performance of the main routine, as well as a bonus effect in which you can use the cards to create the illusion of direct mind reading.

For those magicians and mentalists that desire a truly one-of-a-kind experience that will leave a lasting impact, “PredicTABLE” by Chris Rawlins is a dream come true.

“A Fresh and very clever take on a classic. Fun to perform and no one will see the amazing result coming!” John Bannon

“My first professional card routine was “Out Of This World”, the original Paul Curry version. I made a reputation with this one trick! That was decades ago. Times have changed. Chris Rawlins has reinvented this classic with a sparkling, new version that breathes new life into this time-tested plot. It’s no longer a card trick about red and black. It’s about life decisions people make every day. Superior plot and framing combined with an immersive, diabolical presentation. It’s rare for me to add a new show-level routine to my repertoire but ‘PredicTABLE’ is now permanently in my travel case. Highly recommended!” Bob Kohler


Customer reviews for PredicTABLE



This has quickly become one of my favorite tricks of all time. It hits on such a strong emotional level! The only downside is that it is a long routine done for one person. Others can observe, of course, but it is really a connection between you and that one spectator. If you work in settings where you can spend time letting this play out, get it immediately. There have been a number of excellent routines that have come out recently that have emotional punch and resonance (EVOKE, Invisible Date, etc) and this is one of the very best. I absolutely love it!



I must say, this one really surprised me. It's very high quality and gives great context to the “Out Of This World” plot. I love this one a lot!

This one will not live in the magic drawer, it will live on your coffee table just begging to be used when company is visiting.



I love effects that don't seem to be effects - up until the "magical reveal". This genuinely looks like you are just warming up by getting to know your spectator. The questions are interesting not only to the victim but to their friends who might be watching. The final punch of showing that you seem to know everything about them is really hard hitting. The look of stunned shock on their face is wonderful and sets you up perfectly for any follow up. The original handling is really good but there is another version where you can genuinely mix the cards (or have the spectator do it) that I prefer. It just makes it feel more open and natural. I will mention there are no slights and no real memory work (you only need to remember two words!). This is a cracking effect and you won't be disappointed.


Community questions about PredicTABLE

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  • Stephen asks: How easy is this to perform? Any slight-of-hand? I'm a local Santa Claus and wear white cotton gloves; will that make this trick more difficult to perform?

    • 1. Jabaric answers: No. No sleights at all.
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  • David asks: Looks great. I do a similar trick with an ordinary set of playing cards which the spectator can inspect. Can the spectator inspect the cards after the yes/no piles have been revealed?

    • 1. Chris Rawlins (creator) responds: Yes indeed!
  • Roel asks: Can it be repeated?

    • 1. Chris Rawlins (creator) responds: When you do this as I teach it, for the participant this feels like thee most personal prediction you could have created. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to repeat it. As it should feel as though it would have only worked with them because it’s based upon their preferences and choices.
  • Roel asks: @Chris Rawlins: thank you! One more question: how many cards are in the box?

    • 1. Chris Rawlins (creator) responds: No problem. 43! Including the Y/N and an instruction card that outlines the game.
  • Ed asks: Any reason you went for black ink on a black background? If so, do you say anything about that? It seems to introduce friction at just the moment when you want clarity, the turning the cards over.

    • 1. Chris Rawlins (creator) responds: It’s actually Grey background with Black Ink overlayed. Very clear to me and is intentionally very different in shades, however it’s very easy for you to add ink (red or black or both) to each card to make it pop more, if you would like. We just wanted it ready right out the box for you.
  • Jabaric asks: No question here…. I’m TELLING everyone, BUY THIS NOW! It is Freaking AMAZING! I love this effect it looks so innocent. You can place it on you game shelf at home or on you office desk at work. COMPLETELY examinable. Feels great in the hands…superb quality!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds:
  • Matthew asks: Are the Yes and No professionally printed on the cards or are they hand written?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, you can see them if you watch the trailer. Hope that helps.
    • 2. Chris Rawlins (creator) responds: They are printed to look exactly like hand writing. You are welcome to go over them with real markers to add a more personal style or detail.
    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, you can see them if you watch the trailer. Hope that helps.
  • Simon asks: I really like the design behind this, but feel like the explanation to the effect shown can be pretty easily reverse-engineered. I'm wondering if the other routines can be explained a bit more to see if one of those might be more fooling.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The explanation video is all there is. Maybe reach out to Chris directly to ask for help?
    • 2. Chris Rawlins (creator) responds: Firstly - from doing this a lot and the OOTW the main handling is based upon I can tell you that you’re thinking like a Magician. People are so invested in this, so engaged and so interested that by the time they realise it’s not just a game, it’s too late. Secondly I cover handlings that allow for one or two spectators. And I teach a John Bannon handling where the whole deck is washed on the table before play. It’s also possible to apply Gilbreath to this in a similar way to Gordon Bean. Please remember that when you share this with people, they should really feel like it’s a game first, with a surprising, personal and amazing ending. Hope that helps.
    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The explanation video is all there is. Maybe reach out to Chris directly to ask for help?
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