A Double Tour

Book by Marchand de Trucs and Gabriel Werlen
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A Double Tour

29.95 usd

Book by Marchand de Trucs and Gabriel Werlen (29.95)

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Two devastating pieces of mentalism designed for professional performers.

In A Double Tour, Gabriel Werlen finally reveals two of most closely guarded secrets that, until now, have only be shared with a handful of professionals.

Ultimate Free Will

Three objects are offered to your participant. They make three totally free choices: which object to keep, which to leave on the table, and which object to hand to you. It is as fair as fair can be, and they can even change their mind if they'd like. Once they lock in their choices, a prediction which has been in plain view the entire time is opened to reveal it precisely describes the exact choices your helper made.

  • Completely impromptu
  • No fickle or delicate gimmicks
  • Participant makes completely free choices
  • Your prediction is always 100% accurate
  • Super easy to make and perform


This delightful effect invites your spectators to join you on a mesmerizing journey that toes the line between imagination and reality.

As you hold your fist closed in front of your spectator, they are invited to imagine an amount of imaginary matches. They have a free choice, which is why they'll be stunned when you open your hand to reveal you hold the exact amount of matches they were visualizing.

"Wisps" is a unique routine that serves as a breath of fresh for your performances. Few effects have an impact like making your audience's thoughts materialize in front of your eyes. This is a real gem!

  • Impromptu (as long as you have access to matches)
  • No gimmicks
  • Participant makes a free choice
  • Deviously subtle, foolproof method
  • Easy to make and Perform

BONUS: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

As a special bonus, Gabriel also offers one of his most beloved pieces from his Iceberg book.

In this one-of-a-kind routine, you prove to your audience that there is no such thing as "probability" in your world. You are the master of the coin toss. You simply can't be beat.

Here's the craziest part. There is no real coin. The coin exists in their heads and they decide which side it lands on.

You're going to love how Gabriel innovates on the limits of the Free Will plot here. Many of the most seasoned mentalists in the world have been amazed by this diabolical secret. It's sure to put a smile on your face!


Customer reviews for A Double Tour



Very smart thinking from Mr Werlen. The main Free Will routine combines many of the greatest subtleties developed in previous routines with a killer new idea. This is sure to become most people's go-to approach to the free will plot. There's a nice "how many matchsticks in the hand" routine which makes for a very useful informal piece. There's a coin toss routine which you might love, but I'm less keen on having to write things down for a 50/50 toss. But the reason to buy this booklet - the free will routine - is worth your money on its own.


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