Bicycle Special ESP Cards

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Bicycle Special ESP Cards

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A one-of-a-kind deck that offers an assortment of ESP cards, special gaff cards (including many exclusive cards unavailable anywhere else) and access to more than 90 minutes of tutorials.

The "Special ESP Deck" is a magician and mentalist's dream. It offers 25 standard ESP cards and 31 gaff cards printed on premium Bicycle Playing Cards stock (red or blue).

You'll also gain access to more than 1.5 hours of tutorials teaching you 15 routines that can be done with the amazing "Bicycle Special ESP Playing Cards".

The "Bicycle Special ESP Deck" Contains:

  • 25 standard ESP cards (5 circles, 5 crosses, 5 waves, 5 squares, 5 stars)
  • 11 double face ESP cards
  • 5 colored ESP cards (circle, cross, wave, star, triangle)
  • 4 ESP Smiley Cards
  • 4 special symbols cards
  • 2 gender symbol cards (female, male)
  • 1 negative star card (white star on black background)
  • 1 ESP House Card
  • 1 tic-tac-toe card
  • 1 black triangle card
  • 5-on-1 card: All 5 ESP symbols on 1 card (like the classic 52-on-1 card)

Here are some of the included routines:

Wild Cards: You present your spectator with 5 cards with a black square on the face of each card. One by one, the cards will magically transform to reveal the other ESP symbols, which are all in color.

5 symbols in 1: The spectator chooses a card from the ESP deck. You then reveal your prediction, and it was correct...sort of. You see, the card actually has all the ESP symbols on it. So, you couldn't have been wrong. After a laugh or a groan from your audience, you magically transform the card to finally show just the spectator's chosen symbol.

Influence: Your spectator fairly selects a card at random by dealing them face up one at a time. They can stop whenever they'd like. Once they've stopped, you prove you'd knew which card they'd stop on the whole time.

You ask the spectator to take the deck in their hands, turn the cards face up one by one, and stop when they want to in order to pick a card at random. Once the card is chosen, you can reveal that your prediction card has the exact same symbol as the spectator's card.

Video instructions in English and in French.


Customer reviews for Bicycle Special ESP Cards



Purchased to give some extra ‘Grunt’ to my ESP Collection, it’s always worthwhile having the extra ammunition, I will grab myself a deck in the Blue Back option too eventually..!



I love this deck. If you are into creating your own effects this is an excellent tool to have. There are so many ideas that can be generated with this tool. The included effects are also great. Really love this product. It's Bicycle quality so you can't go wrong here. Highly recommended!



The "Bicycle Special ESP Cards" are a high-quality deck of cards designed for mentalism and magic tricks. They feature a standard Bicycle design with a secret marking system that makes it easy to identify the cards while they are in the deck. The cards are durable and shuffle well, making them a great choice for both beginners and professional magicians. Overall, the "Bicycle Special ESP Cards" are a reliable and versatile tool for any mentalist or magician.


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  • Wayne asks: How easy are the marks to read? Ok for low light situations? Maybe compared to the card shark markings. Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The cards are a standard Bicycle design with a secret marking system that makes it easy to identify the cards.
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