Billet Masterclass

Magic download (video) by The 1914 and Alexander Marsh
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Billet Masterclass

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Magic download (video) by The 1914 and Alexander Marsh (45.00)

Billet Masterclass - magic
Billet Masterclass Billet Masterclass Billet Masterclass Billet Masterclass

A five-hour expert session on the purest and most powerful form of mentalism.

Many of the world’s leading mentalists agree that good billet work is the cornerstone for some of the strongest and most direct mentalism you can do. If you can master billets, you can master the art. Yet, with so many gizmos, gadgets, and electronics available, the use of traditional billets has largely gone by the wayside in recent years.

Alexander Marsh, in collaboration with The 1914, is here to completely change your view on billets. Get ready to discover how you can create true miracles with just a pen and a slip of paper.

"Your work on billets, the rationales etc are brilliant and your clear bowl Q&A at the end is totally worth the price of the download. Loved it!” Marc Spelmann

A Five-Hour Masterclass!

Mastering billets transformed Alexander Marsh from a self-confessed mediocre mentalist to the headline act for one of the world's largest touring magic shows! And now he’s going to share some of his greatest secrets with you.

This monster five-hour download is the definitive video guide to billets. Never has there been a more comprehensive, detailed, in-depth examination of this cornerstone of mentalism. Joined by fellow billet-connoisseur Lewis Le Val, Alexander ensures no detail is missed.

To make learning easy, the “Billet Masterclass” is broken down into bite-size sections. Each lesson builds upon the previous, meaning value will be found for every skill level. If you're new to billets, this is a perfect place to start; you'll be reading minds after the first three lessons alone.

If you're a seasoned billet worker, you're going to fall madly in love with billets again. This is a project you will keep coming back to. Not only are you going to learn the greatest peek since Acidus Novus, but Alex also gives you his entire one-hour Q&A act as performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

What’s Included in the “Billet Masterclass”:

Improving Your Center Tear
Alex will discuss the flaws behind the classic center tear before showing you his devious improvement. To help you put it into action, he offers a fun, commercial routine in which you divine someone’s secret cocktail ingredient.

Contemporary Billet Switches
You will learn an array of classic and contemporary billet switches including the Annemann Switch, the Al Baker Switch, and Alex's very own Unfolding Switch which requires zero misdirection whatsoever.

Creating Your Own Switching Envelopes
You will learn how to make a secret billet-switching envelope on the fly, as well as a robust switching envelope with an extra layer of deception for those moments when you have a chance to do some prep ahead of time.

Billet Steals
Alex will teach you how to read stolen billets and, with help from master mentalism Lewis Le Val, will show you a variety of routine ideas. As they both have different and distinct presentation styles, every mentalist will be inspired by this section in their own unique way.

The Ultimate Covert Peek
Alex shares the real work on his signature, wildly-clever billet peek. Any fan of Acidus Novus will love this. It can be executed directly under your spectator's nose, even as they're burning your hands.

Putting Billet Work Into Action
Once you learn the secrets to mastering billet work, you’ll want to go out and start performing right away. So, Alex has compiled some of his favorite powerful billet effects including his rendition of Bob Cassidy's Fourth Dimensional Telepathy that can be done either close up or on stage.

The Complete Stage Act
Finally, Alex pieces together everything you've learned by teaching you his entire stage Q&A. This simple, beautiful, and powerful routine brought the house down at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You’ll learn everything you need to provide an hour’s worth of entertainment with just some pens, billets, a bowl, and a few envelopes.

Any serious mentalist interested in elevating their performances and harnessing the ability to create true miracles at any moment must download “Billet Masterclass” by Alexander Marsh today!

"Outstanding! The thought behind, and the motivation of, your billet peek make it perfect. It's probably one of the best peeks out there. Your Bowl of Billets is simply wonderful, you've provided such a great structure and variety of effects and reveals, it's fantastic, very well done. It's great thinking.” Marc Paul


Customer reviews for Billet Masterclass

VI Monthly


This is an incredible masterclass. I read a lot about billet work in books but to see it broken down visually is extremely helpful. I would highly recommend this!!



This is a must have for those who don't do billets or even those who do. Excellent teaching and performance. The only downside to this is the download is not just one download containing the 28 chapters. You have to download 28 separate downloads. That is problematic for me. Wish I had known that in advance.



This Marsh peek is brilliant


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  • Vince asks: Does he teach Cocktail and Forgotten Princess on this download?

    • 1. Dee Christopher (creator) responds: Cocktail is taught, but forgotten princess uses gaff cards and isn’t billet related, so isn’t included in the billet masterclass.
  • Nico asks: Are the locations to buy the specific billets and envelopes detailed in the project?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are mentioned in the video.
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