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Trick by Daniel Madison
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Burn by Daniel Madison

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Trick by Daniel Madison (34.95)

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Burn by Daniel Madison - magic
Burn by Daniel Madison Burn by Daniel Madison Burn by Daniel Madison Burn by Daniel Madison Burn by Daniel Madison Burn by Daniel Madison Burn by Daniel Madison

A truly impossible revelation burned into a playing card.

“Burn” by Daniel Madison is a special tool that enables you to easily create stunning one-of-a-kind predictions where a selected card appears burned into the fibers of another card. After being unavailable for a long time, it’s finally available again!

This durable tool allows you to easily perform unforgettable miracles with a deck of playing cards. It offers multiple revelations and is built to last you a lifetime.

A tool is only as good as the magician or mentalist that wields it though. This is why this new deluxe set comes with everything you need to truly get the most out of “Burn”.

The over 1-hour tutorial is a hands-on workshop teaching you every technique and idea you need to start frying minds with “Burn”. It’s accompanied by an incredible PDF containing 20+ additional routines like “Burning Hand” where the spectator “feels” the card being burned in between their hands and a sandwich effect where the trapped card escapes, leaving just a burnt shadow behind. There are also more obscure contributions like a method for holding your finger in an open flame or seemingly burning your participants finger without actually harming them.

As a SPECIAL BONUS, you’ll also receive Daniel Madison’s Collateral pdf. It contains 12 complete routines like “Trip”, a wild hybrid between a signed card transpo and torn and restored effect, the clever “Delusion” color change and a spectator dealt prediction effect called “Overkill”.

Take a seat at the card table and join Daniel Madison for “Burn”.

In the trailer, Daniel mentions that you reveal a freely selected or thought-of card. This is in reference to how the effect is perceived by the participant. While you will learn how to create a variety of different revelations, you’ll typically only be prepared to use one per routine.


Customer reviews for Burn by Daniel Madison



If there´s only one gimmick that i can use for the rest of my life, it would be "Burn". I mean, it´s diabolical and that´s what i like about it. The reactions are really great: perplexity, astonishment, goosebumps. One spectator freaked out and found it really dark. I love the idea, i love the gimmick. Beautifully done. What´s more to say?



This is gold! And Daniel is a great teacher as he shares so much valuable insights and tips! A must have!



I have been after this for a while , as soon as I saw Vanishing Ink had it in stock I picked it up, great teaching and routine and the gimmick is well made to last a life time



Amazing reactions. Nice creative openess to the effect. The instructions and his attitude really push you to create your own way. "This is YOUR trick" he exclaims passionately. Great instructions and material included.
The process is a little challenging to work with and as is recommended to use another piece of metal on top to press down. Also the cards can start to melt fast. It's trial and error - although the burned error cards are useable with more care.
There's also in the routiness possible that "Magician makes mistake and then rescues" element at play here if you want.
And after all if a Magician makes a mistake then a "cool" magician could light a card on fire and have the "real" selection appear right ? :)
You only need to make up a few and keep them on you always - so for impact as far as pocket space - it's a great routine.
The burned cards don't smudge as much as I thought. Which is good. They will bleed and leave marks, but it's not like you'll have a pocketfull of charcoal is what I'm saying.
I carry these always now. As I feel this is a card routine which comes off as unique and surprising.
The routine is also a great way to introduce fire. And the fire has a clear purpose in the effect. A reason for the fire.
Glad I bought this routine there's lots of ideas to play aound with. And it gets "A" level reactions.



I’m having a lot of fun with this effect; the gimmick was made so excellent! It has a real weight to it and feels like truly it can last forever. It’s dense and heavy making me feel confident that it can’t wear down. Daniel Madison is a great teacher and he provides a thorough explanation especially with small intricacies on creating the best gimmick possible. Overall I think this is a steal, considering the extra two pdfs that you get that are full of content as well. It’s such a great buy and it feels like a deluxe edition with everything that comes with it.



Wow! I love this!

When I seen this I wasn’t sure, but at £30 it was worth the risk. Received and the gimmick is solid and long lasting , alongside this the download is good too and I’ve been crying people at gigs with this like you wouldn’t believe! 10/10 from me thank you Daniel and the Vanishing Inc team! VERY Highly recommended, especially for the working pro who gigs a lot. I’m considering buying another just in case I lose mine somehow … Buy it now

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Community questions about Burn by Daniel Madison

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  • Scott asks: Which playing cards can be “burned” (forced)?

    • 1. Chris answers: 7H, 3H, 5S, 2D I suspect clubs didn't make the cut because the hole is smaller and harder to burn a distinct image through but I can't say for sure. I own one of these and it's heavy, durable metal. It'll out last me, that's for sure.
    • 2. Bruce F answers: It’s obvious from the photos that 4 choices are possible.
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  • Guillaume asks: Trace by will tsai are the same gimmick but had the 5 spade and 7 heart..... Madison steal the trick or...

    • 1. Ben answers: Hey Guillaume, Hope you are well. Madison definitely came out with Burn a LONG time before Will Tsai brought out Trace. ??
    • 2. Fredrick answers: Ben, What year did Madison released his version? Trace was released in 2013. Thanks in advance!
    • 3. Hector answers: Frederick, BURN was released in 2004.
    • 4. Guillaume answers: Oh! I didnt know, sorry
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  • Steven asks: How quickly is the process to set up in advance your burn cards?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: A matter of seconds.
  • Rick asks: Is the 'burnt' card treated before the effect (with the use of the tool), or is the tool secretly used during performance?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The burnt card is treated before the effect with the tool.
  • Benjamin asks: Hi, can I do a BURN reveal on bee playing cards.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It will work on any playing cards.
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