Distorted Visions

Magic download (video) by Jack Curtis and The 1914
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Distorted Visions

22.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Jack Curtis and The 1914 (22.00)

Distorted Visions - magic
Distorted Visions Distorted Visions Distorted Visions Distorted Visions

Six incredibly strong, real-world mentalism workers designed and structured for hard-hitting impact. Download and start learning today!

There is no fluff in “Distorted Visions”. Featuring the work of Jack Curtis, co-founder of The 1914 (one of the leading creators of mentalism today), these are solid, audience-tested, bulletproof effects. Everything follows Jack’s core philosophy of being “simple and direct.”

The material in “Distorted Visions” has been honed and refined over countless performances to ensure it’s ready to slot right into your working set. During the more than two hours of instructions, Jack is joined by fellow mentalist Looch to walk you through every single detail. From the methods to the timing and even the psychological convincers, no stone is left unturned.

“Distorted Visions” will not only provide you with exciting new working material, but will inspire you to add more engaging ideas and scripting to your own performances.

Effects featured on “Distorted Visions”

Amnesic Transpo
The mentalist’s take on the classic two-card transpo. Using business cards and a pen, this baffling demonstration of amnesia will leave your spectators questioning their own reality.

Extra Subliminal Persuasion
After learning about the famous psychic experiments of Dr. Rhine, your participant will freak out when they see that, written on the back of all five ESP cards, are predictions that perfectly reflect their decisions.

Floral Destiny
This captivating routine explores the philosophical idea that there really is no such thing as free will. The notion that every aspect of our life is actually pre-determined. It does all this using a freely named flower and the embodiment of randomness: a deck of playing cards.

Blank 2.0
A multi-layered demonstration of apparent subliminal influence using a freely-named number and a deck of cards. This exceptionally structured 3-phase routine is engineered for maximum amazement and impossible backtracking. It can even be performed online.

Law of Attraction
Using nothing more than a stack of business cards and a pen, you are not only able to correctly divine the name of a family member your participant is thinking of, but also present an incredible demonstration of synchronicity.

Silver Lining
Two contrasting coins are used to challenge your spectator in a battle of wits. After an apparently disappointing ending, you bounce back with a surprise jaw-dropping finalé!

Special Bonuses
As a special bonus, you’ll also get an insightful essay about close-up approach techniques, an essay on the topic of predictions, a funny blooper reel, and a thought-provoking video discussion that will dramatically change the way you think about playing cards.

Over two hours of killer commercial mentalism. Download “Distorted Visions” by Jack Curtis today!

"I was hooked from the beginning. I love it... Two of these effects I have put in my show and they're staying in my show! Dan Hauss

"Jack Curtis isn't a name you may recognize in the field of mentalism but mark my words within a few years time he will be. This kid has some amazing ideas and he's a powerhouse of a performer.” William Draven


Customer reviews for Distorted Visions



Great, great collection. Explanations are first rate with complete thought behind every move and word. Every one of the effects is strong making this a fantastic collection. Video is well shot with good sound and appropriate studio participants. I like the simplicity of both the storylines as well as the seemingly simple, innocent props.













I really like the combination of using the name of a flower and magician's choice combined with the technique that he uses for getting to the force card. 5 stars for the thorougj explanation







I’m quite amazed by the value of this download. Jack Curtis was a new name to me (stateside bias) and I purchased this based on a straight value justification…if I get one effect out of six I will be happy. Surprise, surprise, surprise…Jack Curtis gave me six excellent routines AND some great working viewpoints to bring these gems into the realm of possible additions to my repertoire. Loved it.



One of the best downloads I’ve purchased!
This is full of excellent routines that aren’t very difficult to do. I’m really surprised that I already own most of the gaff/accessories that are used in this download. I don’t have envelopes yet or ESP cards, but I do have blank clean-edge business cards from Avery that I use as billets which would be perfect to print my own ESP cards.
I’ve also ordered copper/silver in my country’s coins. I do own Carpenter Coins which I can also use.
I love the presentation and the teaching is top notch.
If you own a lot of magic as I do, chances are you already have everything that you need depending on your performance style. If not, they are easily, and affordably, purchased here.
Very happy with this download!
Big thumbs up to Vanishing Inc team and of course thank you to Jack Curtis!



Extra Subliminal Persuasion is genius, always looking for ESP effects and this is simple and sublime. I may even be able to work it with my near muscular hands! Lovely.



This is the kind of mentalism I really like! Each effect is amazing and easy to learn. Jack really does a great job in teaching each one! I'll be using a couple of these this weekend for sure!!! And don't forget to watch the bloopers. Hilarious!






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  • Larry asks: Hello All ..... When a performance requires " business cards " must I use business cards? I'm a cashier not a business man. Have no access to business cards.What can I substitute for business cards ? Thank You ...... Larry S.

    • 1. Robert answers: No, I would think you could use any blank billets. There have been other tricks that show using business cards and I have used blank billets instead and it doesn't change the reactions.
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  • Kevin asks: can Distorted Visions be carried out by a beginner in Magic

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: With practice and rehearsal time, yes a beginner can perform these effects.
  • Gilbert asks: What, if any, props come with this trick? Example..The ESP cards with the written back, in a "special payroll envelope"..

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No props are included as this is a digital download.
  • Alessandro asks: Can I perform these tricks in other languages (italian)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You may need to alter the patter for the routines but they can be performed in Italian
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