Trick by Michael Daniels
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Trick by Michael Daniels (53.00)

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Facsimile - magic
Facsimile Facsimile Facsimile Facsimile Facsimile Facsimile

A book test that checks every box and is as close to the "real thing" as possible. You can perform multiple word revelations on any page of the book, making it more fair than ever. This is "Facsimile" by Michael Daniels.

"Facsimile" offers something for everyone. It's perfect for beginner magicians and mentalists that were scared to perform book tests with heavily gimmicked books, as well as seasoned mentalists that want to perform multiple word revelations on the same page under very fair conditions. Since there is very minimal work required, you can focus on offering the best possible presentation.

Essentially, "Facsimile" is a wildly-clever book test done with a fully-examinable book. It uses a copy of the famous book Time Machine book by H.G. Wells. This book has been meticously reproduced so well, your audience will genuinely believe it's an original copy. They can examine the book at any point. If you'd really like, you could even read the book.

This "Facsimile" book test is used to perform a powerful three-phase effect that will floor every audience:

First you flip through the book and allow them to tell you to stop at any point. Once they do, you instruct them to remember the word on the page. Without any fishing or memory work, you will know the word they saw and can reveal it however you'd like.

Since you were holding the book during this phase, your audience might suspect something sneaky happening. So, you offer to up the difficulty. Hand them the book and let them choose any page they like. You then instruct to remember a word on the page and, impossibly, you know word.

You can then even divine a another word on that same page or a different page (three words in total during the routine). You'll instantly know the word they are thinking of. If you want, you can even predict their chosen word from phase two or three in an envelope that's brought into play before the effect begins.

The softback copy of Time Machine included with "Facsimile" has 95 pages and measures 107mm x 175mm x 7mm (approximately 4in x 6in). It's designed to pack small and play huge. It can easily fit in your jacket pocket making it great for those who want to perform a book test in their close up magic or strolling magic set.

Key features of "Facsimile"

  • Book is examinable and can even be read
  • Multiple words can be revealed from the same page
  • Can be performed without you even needing to handle the book
  • Page choice is completely free
  • No duplicate pages or Svengali pages
  • No fishing or memory work
  • Super easy to perform and can be learned in minutes
  • Perfect for everything from close up magic to parlor magic and stage magic

Comes with book and online instructions. You'll learn the basic presentation, as well as an advanced presentation that shows how to add in a tiny bit of fishing and memory work to amplify the presentation.

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Customer reviews for Facsimile



I'm a collector of book tests like so many others and this is the best. Not the sexiest but the simplest and most clever method that I am com[letely confident to use with anyone at any time.
Does, or will, Vanishing Inc carry any other books in the series. I would love to expand my selection of this devious and readable principle. I also really enjoyed reading this old classic...it was better and more unsettling than I remember from a quick read many decades ago...



Like many of you, I have probably bought 4 or 5 book test effects over the years. Just off the top of my head, I have the Glance 2 effect and the Celebrity Presage in my working case. NOT ANYMORE, this is the only book test you need. It's absolutely genius. The book is completely examable before, during and after. Nothing to find. Love it, love it. Buy it.


Community questions about Facsimile

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  • Daniel asks: Are larger "regular" sizes of the book available for stage or larger shows? Also is this similar to the zandman book test in the way in which a spectator chooses a page?

    • 1. Anthony answers: The facsimile book test comes in 3 sizes with 6 different titles to choose from. It is not like the Zandman book test at all It's my favorites book test.
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