Jermay's Mind

By Luke Jermay
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Jermay's Mind

75.00 usd

DVD or download by Luke Jermay (DVD $75.00 or download for $75.00)

Some options in stock. Order in the next 57 minutes and it will go out today!
Jermay's Mind - magic

Luke Jermay is the most influential mentalist of his era. He is a virtuoso, and he conveys the illusion of real mindreading better than anyone. When he is onstage, he is simply hypnotic. He has devised some of the most groundbreaking mind reading material of the decade, yet he has never collected it all in one comprehensive, all-encompassing DVD experience...until now.

  • Watch Jermay astound an audience with a thirty-minute no-prop mentalism show.
  • Learn from a one-hour discussion surrounding the Q&A plot.
  • Watch Luke deliver two full lectures.
  • See the full performance and new versions of classic Jermay effects such as "Touching on Hoy", including a phase where a spectator reads the mind of three other participants.
  • Watch Luke and Michael Weber discuss the theory of mentalism in a candid, thoughtful interview.

Full contents of Jermay's Mind

  • Full show performance
  • Extended Tossed Out Deck
  • Connected
  • Touching on Hoy (three phases)
  • Q&A Discussion
  • Mind Museum
  • Double Drawing
  • Danger Ahead
  • Zen Apprentice
  • Out of this World Presentation
  • Zenner
  • Lost and Found
  • The Session 2011 lecture (Card Memory and Colour Sense)
  • The Session 2015 lecture (Blindfold Deal and A Small Mystery)
  • Newcastle Lecture Q&A
  • Interview with Michael Weber
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Four DVDs in a beautiful, deluxe slipcase. Running time: 8.5 hours.


Community questions about Jermay's Mind

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  • Felipe asks: Do you teach your method of the “out of this world” on this DVD?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No - Luke teaches the presentation only on this DVD. He has not published his method.
  • One asks: Can you do this close up?

    • 1. Tony answers: Yes! you can do it close-up
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  • Finlay asks: Does Luke teach the methods To everything he includes in the trailer?

    • 1. Zuhairr answers: He teaches everything in full detail apart from the out of this world routine because that is a presentation-only routine.
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  • Francesco asks: Is the material on this set good for close up mentalists? Or are they stage only routines?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Jermay's Mind contains a mixture of close-up and stand-up mentalism.
  • Anthony asks: I already own P&P from Luke. Can anyone tell me if most of these were already taught in that dvd or is this all new material?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is all new material.
  • Kevin asks: As a beginner in magic will I be able to do these tricks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: These are more aimed for an intermediate level performer, but they are explained very well. A beginner can do them with practice and seeing them performed well will still be a valuable resource.
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Customer reviews for Jermay's Mind



This is a gem! I recieved this on a Black Friday special and it was added to my order. This might be better than my original order. This will last you a very long time.



Wow just wow. This is the real stuff. You really get a glimpse into the mind of someone that is truly passionate about mentalism. But don't let that scare you. The stuff Luke teaches is technically simple. But that is kind of his whole philosophy. What makes it hard hitting and unforgettable is not the tricks. But YOU. Those are the tools Luke gives you. That's the true gems in these DVDs. What's even better is vanishing Inc is the only company that has the DVDs as downloadable. Thanks for getting with the times and making it easier for everyone around the world to have access to these amazing DVD



Phenomenal work from a phenomenal mind. If you want to be ridiculed by truly deep thinking and inspired presentation, routines and structures then this is for you. I had already purchased this in DVD format and just purchased this (again) in stream/download. If you want to think more like a mentalist, then do yourself a favor and get this set. It is a small price to pay for all the wonderful work contained.



I spent 8 hours from Friday through Saturday straight absorbing this and as a result, my mentalism skills have grown by at least ten years. This DVD reminds us that simple principles layered with great scripting can completely blow your audience away. Everything in this DVD can be done within minutes , his methods and principles are super easy. It's like you get a 1 on 1 mentalism coach. By far, one of my best investments into the fine art of mentalism.




Calvin Chuo

This is the best thing you will ever need in your mentalism routine.Luke jermay is going to teach you everything in depth in the tutorial and I am hundred percent sure that you are going to love this.I think the best thing in this dvd sets is Luke’s variation of Pk touch.You will learn how you can do mentalism skill with the Pk touch skill.Conclusion,you should get this NOW!!



I bought this after seeing Luke live and his show impressing me. Since then I bought this and absolutely loved this. its a great DVD and a great insight into one of the best mentalist minds in the world. It's definitely a DVD to have in your library, but a lot of it does need a lot of confidence in what you do. Still if you are into mentalism - Buy this!



This is a fantastic DVD and definitely worth having in your collection. Luke is excellent, one of the finest minds in mentalism. His explanations are so through and well thought out and the presentations are very slick. What I like about this DVD is that it has stand-up shows, explanations and other additional content such as Q&A's and interviews. When you look at how much this cost it is an absolute bargain with over 8 hours of awesome content.



I recently just finished watching this set of DVDs and what a great set this is first up you will see Luke astound an audience with a prop less mentalism show and there is some great stuff here that is not difficult to do so don't be put off and there are two full lectures included and really found the discussion with Michael Weber very interesting highly recommended.



If you take the time to learn you will have a treasure chest of killer effects. I hit the jackpot. Most are fairly easy to do and I wish I had come up with the ideas. Great DVD, great magic.



Absolutely brilliant.

These four DVDs are full of some of the best mentalism routines and advice imaginable.
Jermay has a wealth of experience, and a charming manner which makes you sit in awe whilst picking up so many useful tips.

Everything on here is good, but highlights for me include his tossed out deck and Touching on Hoy.

I thoroughly recommend this set to any mentalist.



literally everything you could ever want. I was so damn curious to how he knew all of them peoples personal info... and now I know how to! trust me get this!! definitely a good way to put your money! I cannot stress this enough I didnt know If i wanted it but im so glad i did!



Obviously one of the greatest DVD sets on mentalism ever released.



This is the DVD where Luke tips some of the real work. At the prices that some "single trick" dvds sell for today, this is one of the greatest bargains in Magic. It is worth watching again and again just to notice the small points that come from years of doing these effects. I cannot imagine anyone not being happy with the purchase.I am a professor and thus teach for a living. Luke has a gift for keeping the explanation moving, yet covering the details that come only from thousands of performances. At twice the price I would feel satisfied. At the price it is I feel almost as if I wore a mask and robbed the store.If you want to learn to make your mentalism look real, buy this set. If you want to add some great pieces to your act, buy this set. If you just want some great ideas for new presentations, buy this set.I wouldn't write this if I did not absolutely believe it. This is the best purchase that I have made in a long time,Spend the money, buy the set, and you will be satisfied.Samuel Lamerson, Ph.D.


Official review from Genii Magazine

From the June 2015 Genii magazine. Reviewed by Joe M. Turner

If you have followed Jermay's printed works over the past several years, then you'll appreciate this excellent opportunity to see such strong, theatrical, and deceptive ideas in performance. At the same time, the price is well below what you might normally expect to pay for a collection of this magnitude. I think any performer of mentalism will find this a high-return investment.

Copyright 2015 by The Genii Corporation.



This is such an incredible value! Jermay is amazing and this is wroth it just to watch him do a show but the material is amazing!



Over 8 hours of non stop performances explanations and theories! The filming is excellent, the quality of Vanishing Inc's recent DVD's as well as their books are top notch. The 4 DVDs are organized logically so that there is very little confusion in trying to watch what you want to watch. The disc Touching on Hoy is amazing. Jermay gives you everything you need and gives some of the sources that inspired his thinking. This is a very organized and meticulous project with well thought out thinking and layout. I wish every DVD and project in the market today were this well thought out.
Overall, this is a great value and if you can buy this along with Premise and Premonition.



I'm sure that there are lots of great things here. My only problem is one that I should have been aware of before ordering. This is the fact that I have a high frequency hearing loss and any dialect (British or otherwise) that is not captioned is extremely difficult to understand. An example of this is the extended tossed out deck at the beginning. He uses a deck which I hear as the teromactic deck. Not sure what that is since it is unintelligible for me. In all likelihood, I will find the rest of this to be as unintelligible as the first effect so I will more than likely not watch the rest. A total frustration. One day, producers of these videos will caption these videos. This is especially true if the performer has an "accent". I cannot give this a true rating as it is not the fault of the presentation and explanation. For me, it is a waste of money as it may be for anyone with a significant hearing loss.



I am not referring to the quality or the material presented here, but merely to the fact that I could barely make out a word that Jermay was saying due to his dialect. As a hearing impaired person, this makes it even harder to understand. So, for me, it was a total waste of money. It was like listening to another language. Without captioning it is useless to me. My fault for not thinking about this before purchase, but if you have trouble understanding language spoken with another dialect, don't waste your money and encourage captioning on projects like this.

Jermay's Mind by Luke Jermay