Jumping to Conclusions

Trick by Harapan Ong
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Jumping to Conclusions

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Trick by Harapan Ong (24.95)

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Jumping to Conclusions - magic
Jumping to Conclusions Jumping to Conclusions Jumping to Conclusions Jumping to Conclusions Jumping to Conclusions

A super easy-to-do, fooling effect from Harapan Ong with a stunning ending they’ll never see coming.

“Jumping to Conclusions” is Harapan’s take on Max Maven’s classic “Drawing Conclusions” effect (released with his permission). Harpan’s modified handling makes the concept fairer than ever. Your helper makes genuinely free choices and the result is different each time.

A pack of abstract images is given a quick mix. Your volunteer can even cut it as many times as they want before you turn your head away and start dealing cards to the table. Whenever they want, they tell you to stop. It’s a totally free choice and they can even change their mind.

With your head still turned, they look at their image and then shuffle it back amongst the other cards (let’s say they chose the “door). There is seemingly no way you could know what image they chose, or where it’s located in the pack. Despite these impossible odds, you start searching through the cards as you attempt to pluck the thought from their brain. Without them saying anything, you remove a few possibilities and line them up on the table. They still don’t say a word as you start eliminating some of these cards.

With just a few possibilities remaining, you finally ask if you’re on the right track. Shockingly, they say “no” because you’ve already eliminated their image…or so they think.

Without any switches or weird moves, you prove that you knew which image they chose all along. You cleanly rearrange the remaining abstract images to show that they’re not as random as they seem. They actually spell out the word “door” (or whichever image they chose).

You’ll receive two sets of high-quality, custom-made cards that come ready to go out of the box. One has modern-looking abstract designs and another has common Chinese characters. You can choose whichever one suits your performance style.

“Jumping to Conclusions” by Harapan Ong takes just minutes to learn and offers different outcomes each time. It’s a fun, essentially self-working packet trick that you’ll love taking with you everywhere. Get your copy today!


Customer reviews for Jumping to Conclusions



Not quite sure why others have noted this as 3* simply because it has a bit of memorisation in it. Since I have got this I have done it at every gig and it kills. Personally I use the "ESP" set as it fits me better but it is very nice to include both so people can pick and choose. The memorisation needed is really not that hard as it is simply remembering a few phrases taught on the download to get them into memory. The kicker ending really hits hard and for the price this is a steal.



I recently purchased "Jumping to Conclusions" by Harapan Ong. It's based on "Drawing Conclusions" by Max Maven, which in turn was based on a Stewart James effect.

Harapan Ong, with permission from Mr. Maven, has released "Jumping to Conclusions", a nice extension of Max's effect. In the Maven version the performer used special symbols which revealed one of two choices a spectator picked. "Jumping to Conclusions" has two versions - one with Chinese characters and one with ESP-type symbols. In either version one is not restricted to one or two possible outcomes. To the participant it feels like a completely free choice, which it almost is. I can't go into more detail without giving away the secret.

The routine is sleight-free and is taught very well by Mr. Ong. The most difficult part is some minor memorization. You are given some mnemonics to aid in that memorization. It took me about five minutes to get it down.

After some dedicated practice I road-tested it using the Chinese character version. It played very well. I'm really pleased to have this in my arsenal.



Jumping to conclusions is an excellent routine. The cards are first rate and the explanation is even better. It is meticulous and thoroughly explained. The routine is easily varied to fit your individual style. I should note that the routine does require a good bit of memory work (comes with a couple of "cheat sheets" to help with that) & boatloads of practice so it seems impromptu and seamless but will be well worth it I'm sure. I still haven't performed this in front of family or friends (my only audience) though I'm sure they'll like it as much as I do.

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This is a great effect that will fool almost everyone. There is some memorisation, but I have seen similar tricks that require more, so I wouldn't say there is much. You can be up and running with the trick in about 15 minutes. The explanation from Harapan is very detailed including setting up both sets of cards. The cards are great quality and you can perform it to one person or a small group.



I love misleading the spectator and this one does it! It says there are two versions: Chinese and English. Seeing that tends to make me think I will probably go with the English version. After seeing both, I think the Chinese version is more deceptive and easier to do! Excellent trick, great video.



Jumping to Conclusions mentioned Max Maven, so of course it got my attention. I saw the download while I'm waiting for the product to arrive. Lots of thought went into this, and I must say honestly, you'll be Jumping for Joy once you get Jumping to Conclusions. Also like the fact that you get 2 versions., English and Chinese.



This effect is brilliant and an incredible bargain especially at the sale price. It is easy to perform with many opportunities for adding your own performance touches, completely unlike any other effect you are likely to perform, impossible to reverse engineer, very entertaining and I think a totally unexpected outcome for the audience. It can be performed for one or a group under just about any conditions. It uses (special) cards but does not play out like any other card trick. This is a real worker and I love it.



Looks like a good solid trick, but does need a lot of memorization (which can be worked around with a crib of sort). When I receive the cards, I hope to get it to work as I have my own magic flash cards for Mentalism,



Good trick to carry around but it does require some memorization. Not sure why there would be two decks provided. One is almost useless to most of us and just added to the cost.



Great idea for a trick, and the use of Chinese characters is brilliant. It will take a bit of work to preform, but it’s well worth it. Thanks Harapan for a unique effect.


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  • Rob asks: Love this trick. Does it always have the same outcome?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, there are several different outcomes.
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