Magic Wallet Universe

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Magic Wallet Universe

19.95 usd

Trick by TCC Presents (From $19.95)

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Magic Wallet Universe - magic
Magic Wallet Universe Magic Wallet Universe Magic Wallet Universe Magic Wallet Universe Magic Wallet Universe Magic Wallet Universe Magic Wallet Universe Magic Wallet Universe Magic Wallet Universe Magic Wallet Universe

A concept series containing three elegant, minimalist wallets and one all-around combo wallet designed to suit your specific needs.

The wallets found in the "Magic Wallet Universe" by TCC are called "Peek", "Switch" and "Card to Wallet". These sophisticated, normal-looking minimalist wallets are appropriately named for the service they provide and are available separately. If you're looking for a more all-in-one-solution, you'll want the "Combo Wallet". This wallet combines the three functions of the other wallets PLUS allows you to perform a Card to Envelope effect.

Besides the magic functions, you can also use each of all four wallets as a normal everyday card holder wallet. Each wallet has multiple card slots, allowing you to store credit cards and packets of standard poker-sized playing cards.

These high-quality wallets are hand-sewn from high-quality black microfiber faux leather. They're thin, light and easy to carry around. Online instructions are included for each wallet.

A Closer Look at the "Magic Wallet Universe"

Magic Wallet Universe: Peek

The "Magic Wallet Universe Peek Wallet" allows you to quickly access any information written on a business card or billet by the spectator. It's the secret to easily performing incredible mind reading and mentalism routines.

Key Features:

  • Minimalist design
  • Two peek methods
  • Three external slots for credit cards and packets of playing cards
  • Three internal business card and billet slots.

"Peek" Dimensions: 83mm Ă— 123mm, thickness 3.5mm, weight 22g

Magic Wallet Universe: CTW

The "Magic Wallet Universe CTW Wallet" focuses on the classic Card to Wallet effect. This no-palm card to wallet allows you to easily load a spectator's signed card into the wallet.

Key Features:

  • Minimalist design
  • Two methods of No Palm Card to Wallet
  • Fast and smooth loading
  • Three external slots for credit cards and packets of playing cards
  • One internal slot

"CTW" Dimensions: 83mm Ă—123mm, thickness 3.5mm, weight 23g

Magic Wallet Universe: Switch

With the "Magic Wallet Universe Switch Wallet", you can perform a Card Transpo effect or a secret card switch. It also has the capability to be used for an additional Card to Wallet effect.

Key Features:

  • Minimalist design
  • Card Transpo and Card Switch
  • Six external card slots for credit cards and playing card storage
  • One internal slot for additional Card to Wallet effect

"Switch" Dimensions: 83mm Ă—123mm, thickness 3.5mm, weight 28g

Magic Wallet Universe: Combo

The "Magic Wallet Universe Combo Wallet" combines all the functions of the other three wallets with the same elegance and simplicity. So, you can use it for a peek, card transpo, card switch or card to wallet. As a SPECIAL BONUS, the Combo Wallet also provides a slot for a Card to Envelope effect (10 white envelopes included).

Key Features:

  • Combined functions: Peek, Card to Wallet and Switch
  • Bonus Signed Card to Envelope effect, smooth load into the envelope
  • Simple design
  • Seven card slots for credit cards and packets of playing cards storage
  • One envelope slot for Card-to-Envelope effect
  • One business card or billet slot for peeking
  • Ten white envelopes included (red refill envelopes are available here)

"Combo" Dimensions: 90mm Ă—123mm, thickness 15mm, weight 46g

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Customer reviews for Magic Wallet Universe



The Magic Wallet Universe: CTW Wallet is a fantastic choice for anyone interested in the classic card to wallet effect. What sets this wallet apart are its key features and its value for the money. The wallet offers a minimalist design, making it sleek and stylish. It provides two methods of the No Palm Card to Wallet effect, ensuring versatility in your magic routines. Loading a spectator’s signed card into the wallet is fast and smooth, adding to the overall effect’s impact.

One of the standout features of the CTW wallet is its practicality. It includes three external slots for credit cards and packets of playing cars, making it functional everyday wallet. Additionally, there is one internal slot for your magic card reveals. The dimensions of the wallet make it thin, lightweight, and easy to carry around.

What makes this wallet particularly appealing is the fact that it’s hand-sewn from high-quality black microfiber faux leather, which not only adds to its durability but also gives it an elegant appearance. The inclusion of online instructions ensures you can make the most of the wallet in your magic performances.

One notable advantage is the $20 price tag, which offers great value for your money. The wallet’s quality and the range of features it offers make it an attractive option for both beginners and experienced magicians.

One additional highlight is that the CTW wallet does not require the use of a Mercury fold which for me sets it apart from other wallets and simplifies your magic routine.

If you’ve been a fan of the Mullica wallet and its high impact on audiences but are looking for something with a different design and method of use, the CTW wallet is an excellent alternative. It provides a unique experience while maintaining the practicality and effectiveness that made the Mullica wallet popular among magicians.

Overall, the Magic Wallet Universe, CTW Wallet is a great investment for any magician seeking a reliable and versatile Card to Wallet solution.



The Peek Wallet is well made but just a little tight for normal Bikes. I like to carry a couple packet tricks (Brainwave, Hamman's The Twins) but the outside pockets are just a little too tight to slide the cards in and out smoothly. They are made more for credit cards than playing cards. Love the concept and the feel of the wallet. The peek is great. Just wish I had another mm width in the pockets.


Laura Bautista

This is an opinion about the Magic Wallet COMBO. It may not be the definitive wallet for all the routines that can be performed with card magic and mentalism involving this type of device, but at least it offers the basic functions that we may need to get started. I recommend it especially if it is going to be your first magic wallet and you want to explore the different functions it can offer (Peek, Card to Wallet and Switch). Once you have mastered them and want to perfect the technique and also the device, you can advance to other more specific wallets and perhaps with better results.


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  • John asks: Can the combo wallet use bonsalopes?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They do but their envelopes are slightly smaller than bonsalopes.
  • Alexander asks: In regards to the Combo wallet... For cards: when doing a C2W, does it always need to be in an envelope, and can regular NP reveals be produced folded up? Every day: roughly how many CCs and business cards can it hold? Is there a spot for your ID or cash?

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