Marvelous Nesting Envelopes

Trick by Matthew Wright and Marvelous-FX Ltd
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Marvelous Nesting Envelopes

19.95 usd

Trick by Matthew Wright and Marvelous-FX Ltd (19.95)

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Marvelous Nesting Envelopes - magic
Marvelous Nesting Envelopes Marvelous Nesting Envelopes

An easy, sleight-free, no palm way to reveal a signed card or prediction inside a nest of envelopes.

Matthew Wright has spent years developing the principle behind "Marvelous Nesting Envelopes". The system it uses is powerful, clever and, of course, very easy. You'll be able to covertly load a playing card or prediction into a triple-secured impossible location that they can hold up until the final reveal.

Whenever you're ready to make your reveal, the outer red envelope is opened to reveal a smaller black envelope which is then shown to contain a sealed white envelope. Inside that final envelope, clipped to your business card, is the signed card or other prediction.

Even while fully nested, "Marvelous Nesting Envelopes" is small enough to fit in a pocket. It's ideal for table-hopping magicians and makes for a great EDC. It's a great addition to any working set.

You'll get the envelopes plus detailed instructions that including a one-of-a-kind routine Matthew created just for the "Marvelous Nesting Envelopes." It's a powerful and baffling piece of mental magic that allows you create true miracles with a deck of cards.

Dive into all the amazing possibilities of "Marvelous Nesting Envelopes" by Matthew Wright today!


Customer reviews for Marvelous Nesting Envelopes



A fantastick tool with unlimited possibilities.
Great video instructions and live performances included. They are filmed in real world "working" conditions and it's so very valuable to see in advance how people are "experiencing" the idea of the envelopes.
Wright gives clear ideas of how to execute different moves to work the envelopes, and it is very simple and smooth.
As mentioned it's true no palming is needed so this item is great for new magicians or people who have been magishing for 50 years.
So envelopes vs wallet ? As Wright mentioned these can be used with wallets or on there own.
You can put these envelopes into something else as well to maybe increase the effect.
Wright also shows a way you can include your business cards in the revelation if you want.
I might fool around with putting an address and stamp on one of the envelopes to make it look used.
It's interesting to see the audience get ahead and Wright gives some presentation ideas to play with this.
He does a great routine where a choosen card keeps appearing and then finally ends up in the envelopes (although he does not explain or detail it - you can piece it together) as presentational ideas.
I thought - If you are blowing people away with card magic - do yo really need to throw the envelopes into the mix ?
That's the great part of art we can all make different choices.
But I am very glad I "choose" to buy this. And I look forward to the fun in creating some routines with these.
And keep in mind you can use written predictions on paper as well, or signed bills or playboy pictures ?
Great value.


Community questions about Marvelous Nesting Envelopes

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  • Rick asks: What material are the envelopes made of? (ie: paper, polymer, kevlar, etc)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are made out of paper. But the envelopes are easy to replace should anything happen.
  • Larraine asks: In answer to the material question, Matthew Wright wrote on the Café: 'The inner one is tyvek. The outer two are strong card.'

    • 1. Jim answers: :)
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  • Eric asks: Hi. Reading that you can also load a prediction into the nest of envelopes- wondering if the prediction needs to be thin like a playing card can it be a little thicker like a card folded in half/quarters?

    • 1. Jim answers: In theory, a little thicker should not matter. You would have to experiment a little, but I can imagine it working well.
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  • Ian asks: How quick is the reset please?

    • 1. Jim answers: Pretty quick. You just need to close the envelopes and put them back inside.
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  • Christian asks: As I do not like the look of the outer enveloppe, is it possible to use any other envelope?

    • 1. Jim answers: Shouldn't be an issue.
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  • Larraine asks: Outer envelope dimensions?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is around 6x4 inches
  • Vince asks: Is it necessary to use a business card?

    • 1. Mark answers: I thought in the video blurb they showed a couple of people withdrawing a poker-size playing card...and to anticipate the next question: one of them, if not signed, was at least initialed.
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  • Tom asks: I see that he hands the envelopes to one of the spectators one by one as he makes his way to the final reveal. Wouldn’t that be an issue??? I’m assuming the spectator can’t just start inspecting the envelopes right(??). I understand he’s “creating a non-issue” about the envelopes in the spectator’s mind ( enough to hand them over) but I’m essentially asking if they can be inspected ( assuming not)?

    • 1. Robert answers: The first two envelopes can be freely examined. The innermost envelope cannot.
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