Mummy Mystery

Trick by The Essel Magic
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Mummy Mystery

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Trick by The Essel Magic (12.50)

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Three different colored mummies and an empty sarcophagus (coffin) are displayed to your spectator(s).

All three mummies and the sarcophagus are handed to your spectator. You ask them to inspect each piece to ensure there is no trickery. You instruct your spectator to place one of the colored mummies into the sarcophagus and to hide the other two from your view. 

Next, you walk out of the room as your spectator follows your instructions. When you walk back into the room, you immediately know which of the mummies was placed inside the sarcophagus!!! This can be repeated over and over. You NEVER miss!

  • You cannot see inside the sarcophagus, it is 100% opaque. 
  • You never touch the mummies. 
  • You never touch the sarcophagus. 
  • You never have to ask any questions. 
  • You never have to get near the sarcophagus to know which Mummy is hidden within. 

Remember -- the mummies are handed over to a spectator, along with a plastic coffin, and the spectator is invited to place the mummy he fancies into the coffin. The other two mummies are concealed, but each time, the magician can immediately reveal the correct color of the mummy without ever touching it. You'll love performing this and amazing your audience!


Customer reviews for Mummy Mystery



If you don't have a mummy mystery prop, here's one and at a great price. The props are attractive and the method very clever. It can be repeated, that is depending on your spectator(s). If a person who's sharp eyed, or with debunking intentions, is in the group I don't recommend it. The same applies to re-examinations of the prop, post-effect. Other than that, it's an excellent and well made brain buzzer for any close-up magic person or person'ette (I've no idea what that is). End note: The props can be used in a '3-'Choices' type of routine, and followed by the 'Mummy Mystery' effect, which not only adds proof of you're predictive and mind-reading claims, but the props were used twice with 2 different methods so there's nothing to compare, nor reason for re-examination. These even look intriguing in my display case.


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