Nightmare Page

Trick by The 1914 and David Alnwick
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Nightmare Page

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Trick by The 1914 and David Alnwick (39.95)

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Nightmare Page - magic
Nightmare Page Nightmare Page Nightmare Page Nightmare Page Nightmare Page Nightmare Page

From Edinburgh Fringe to your working set, "Nightmare Page" is a complete routine packed into a single piece of paper. This pocket-sized tool is your key to performing authentic, mind-blowing demonstrations of mind-reading both on and off stage.

"Nightmare Page" by David Alnwick is an ingenious piece of direct and memorable mentalism that was fine-tuned to perfection for his sold-out Edinburgh Fringe shows. Now, it's being brought to you by The 1914, the leader producer of mentalism for both casual and professional performances.

This one-page wonder works for up to four participants at a time, making it just as ideal for parlor and stage magic settings as it is for more intimate close up magic gatherings.

They select a word from the page. Then, without fishing for letters or asking for clues, you're able to describe their word with impeccable accuracy. That's not all though. Right when they think it's over, you hit them with an extra kicker: revealing the word they ALMOST thought of. This moment will leave them convinced you can really tap into their thoughts.

  • No fishing
  • No repeated words
  • No progressive anagrams
  • Instantly repeatable
  • Different outcomes each time

"The Nightmare Page" uses an innovative new concept called the "Alnwick Principle" that offers a variety of applications. Once you learn how it's done, your brain will start racing with potential applications. While this page is printed in English, the principle itself can be easily adapted into any language.

You get all the impact of a world-class book test in a singular page that is easily carried in your wallet or pocket. "The Nightmare Page" David Alnwick and The 1914 really is the perfect EDC for mentalists or mystery performers. Given how it can be instantly repeated with a different outcome, this is a worker's dream.


Customer reviews for Nightmare Page



In the routine, a participant freely selects a few word from a page, and despite various methods to prevent the magician from knowing the chosen word, the magician is able to reveal it, often in a dramatic and unexpected manner. But what I like about this effect is the word that they almost thought off is revealed.

The teaching from David Alnwick is engaging

This is a great EDC effect.



I was torn leaving a "pretty good" or "below Standard". I was not impressed with this effect. I am really concerned that when I present this to someone it will only take them a few seconds to reverse engineer the gimmick. A larger page with more text and paragraphs would displayed better. Maybe add some small pictures to confuse the memory. I am trying not to give the effects method away and I have not performed the routine live yet so maybe I am being overly critical. Do have to say, this is my first 1914 effect and a second will be well researched.


Community questions about Nightmare Page

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  • Alejandro asks: Hi, is this language dependent?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes. The page is printed in English
  • Eliyahu asks: How much information has been added that wasn't in The Vault - Fringe Mentalism?

    • 1. David answers: This version follows the same principal referred to in Fringe Mentalism, but it can work on four spectators at the same time instead of two. There's two forces per page side, as opposed to one force per page.
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  • Stephen asks: Do you get more than one copy pf the page?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You get several pages included to use.
  • Dave asks: Do I need a good memory ? Yet another list to remember ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is abit of memory work but it is easy with practice
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