NYX Project

Trick by Luca Volpe
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NYX Project

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Trick by Luca Volpe (44.95)

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NYX Project - magic
NYX Project NYX Project NYX Project NYX Project NYX Project NYX Project

The "NYX Mentalism Deck" by Luca Volpe is the ultimate tool for mentalists and magicians of all skill levels. It's super easy to use and works for both close-up and stage.

This powerful deck, designed by Phill Smith, features 52 cards, each with a single motivational word that is internationally recognized. The words are printed on the front of the card along with the playing card value and a number from 1 to 52.

Using a brand-new optical marking system, you'll be able to discreetly discern the full word, value, and number—no memory work required! This system is invisible to your audience, but super easy for you to spot. You'll be able to use the "NYX Mentalism Deck" with confidence every time.

A bonus feature also allows you to understand which word is chosen among a group of words simply by having your participant say them out loud. This is a truly amazing and powerful effect that will leave them stunned.

As the "NYX Project" name implies, this is more than just the custom deck of cards. You also get a comprehensive nearly 1-hour long masterclass download accompanied by a detailed PDF filled with complete routines and other ideas. This includes Luca's full stage presentation that he uses to wow audiences in his corporate shows.

"NYX Project" Overview:

  • 52 cards with motivational words
  • Printed with luxury finish on Germany black core paper (a joy to handle)
  • New optical marking system designed by Phil Smith
  • Special feature that allows you to identify a chosen word from a list of words, just by hearing
  • Nearly 1-hour video and detailed PDF filled with complete routines
  • Includes Luca Volpe's stage corporate act

"NYX is an absolutely incredible tool that can help the user achieve near miracles. Luca and Phill make a formidable team and have created something that has never been seen before. My mind is racing with ideas and applications. This gets my highest recommendation, it's brilliant" Craig Petty

"NYX is a clever tool with limitless possibilities!"Chris Rawlins

"The NYX Deck is a mentalism show in your pocket! I will use this!" Keith Barry


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Community questions about NYX Project

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  • Allan asks: What is an "optical marking system?" My vision is not all that sharp and I have yet to find a marked deck whose markings I can easily read on a card on the table in front of me. Is this marking system any different? Easier to read?

    • 1. Jaime answers: definitely easier from a distance, no eyeglases needed here
    • 2. Kyle answers: Let’s put it this way. The system once you see it, it’s hard to unsee it. You can refocus your eyes when looking at the marking system and still be able to read it. I can tell you that the promo image of just the back design (not spread) says Lie. It’s the joker and the number on the card is 54. And the markings are even blurred out by the shallow depth of field of the cameras lens. The designer of these cards also designed the marking system for evoke as well. The designs and markings are different but the amount of information Phil has been able to hide in such a clever and clear way is absolutely insane. Also there’s a secret front marking system that you don’t even have to see and you can tell the participant the word they are thinking of. It is brilliant.
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  • Paul asks: Can the cards be examined if asked?

    • 1. James answers: If the deck is anything like the DMC deck than yes....sort of. If they know how to check for a marked deck then they will definitely know. If they are your average Joe or you only give them 1 card (can be their chosen card or any card for that matter)to examine they should have no idea.
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