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Trick by Menny Lindenfeld ($49.95)

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Occultatum - magic
Occultatum Occultatum Occultatum Occultatum Occultatum Occultatum

Get ready to rock your spectators' worlds with this inexplicable effect!   

Occultatum™ is one of Menny Lindenfeld's best-kept underground secrets in mentalism. Meaning "hidden" in Latin, Menny has been using this secret weapon for over ten years to find spectator hidden objects. A spectator hides an object in one of several boxes and mixes the boxes while the mentalist can even be out of the room. But without asking questions, or using electronics or magnets, the mentalist is able to determine where the object is with 100% accuracy! It can even be done impromptu!

Perfect for close-up or stage, this psychological system will keep them guessing. Get yours today!

In the tutorial, Menny Lindenfeld teaches you:

  • The Occultatum™ psychological system using two (2) unmarked containers.
  • The Occultatum™ psychological system using multiple containers (any number of containers can be used).
  • Advanced variation with any number of containers.
  • Occultatum™ multi-phase routine.
  • Occultatum™ variation using your own business cards.
  • How to perform Occultatum™ impromptu.
  • Included impromptu variations using:
  • Borrowed disposable coffee cups.
  • Borrowed sugar bags.
  • Borrowed beer caps version 1.
  • Borrowed beer caps version 2.
  • To perform Occultatum™ on stage (with real basketball).
  • Method variations.

"Menny demonstrated Occultatum™ over and over again, each time discovering the coin I've supplied and hidden myself. I have no idea how he did it. MENNY BLEW MY MIND!"Uri Geller

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Occultatum by Menny Lindenfeld