Off Stage

Magic download (video) by The 1914 and Alexander Marsh
4.6 | 5 reviews
Hard-hitting close-up mentalism miracles for casual situations. When someone asks to see a trick, you'll always be ready!
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Off Stage

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Magic download (video) by The 1914 and Alexander Marsh (30.95)

Off Stage - magic
Off Stage Off Stage Off Stage Off Stage

Never be caught off-guard again. “Off Stage” by Alexander Marsh offers a variety of hard-hitting routines designed for casual situations. Powerful, professional-quality material that ensures you're always prepared when someone asks “can you show me something?”

Whether you’re a close-up magician who forgot their deck of cards at home or a stage magician that rarely performs close-up anymore, being asked to perform in an impromptu situation can be nerve-wracking. Thankfully, “Off Stage” by Alexander Marsh makes those panic-inducing moments a thing of the past.

This two-hour expert session contains five killer mentalism routines. These modern, organic close-up miracles pack a punch and are designed to get huge reactions. No difficult moves are required and many of the routines use borrowed or easily-accessible items.

Produced by The 1914, the quality of this download is impeccable. Alex teaches every detail and nuance you need to get the biggest impact out of these routines. Everything is neatly organized into separate sections for easy learning and reference. 

Download “Off-Stage” by Alexander Marsh to ensure you’re always ready to blow minds wherever you go!

Contents of “Off-Stage” by Alexander Marsh

Paperback Reader
A impromptu book test that’s easy to do and uses a borrowed book. No sneaky setups, forces, anagrams or awkward moves required. Everything is very logical.

A super clean way to reveal intimate details about the childhood memories of two separate participants. It really is their memories and nothing is written down. They just think and confirm.

Subconscious Currency
Alex shares the most updated handling on his highly-acclaimed “Subconscious Switch”. A variety of powerful psychological subtleties add layers of justification to this truly remarkable serial number divination.

Spin The Bottle
A fun and interactive routine revolving around a unique alternative version of Spin the Bottle. You’ll identify which first crush belongs to whom before culminating with enchanting revelation that is sure to earn you invites back to every dinner party.

Another exciting and seemingly spontaneous routine revolving around a party game. This time, three different participants think of a movie, a book, and a song before partaking in a game of Charades. What they don’t know is that your mentalism abilities allow you to always win the game, even under impossible circumstances. This is the perfect routine for picnics, holiday parties and other get-togethers.

Turn every off-stage moment into an on-stage moment. Download “Off-Stage” by Alexander Marsh and get ready to showcase your master mind-reading skills to everyone you meet!


Customer reviews for Off Stage



This was a good introduction to the course. Can't wait to see the rest.



Well worth the price and more. Practical close-up mental routines excellently taught.
You get 21 downloads which keeps each one short and viewable by itself to allow you to go through, and refer back, in bite sized pieces.

VI Monthly






I found the methods for half of this material to be weak.


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