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Orion (Silver Edition) - magic

This special two-volume set is destined to be one of the greatest mentalism releases in the last decade.

Brought to you by MindFX, Orion (Silver Edition) is a special set from master mentalist Phedon Bilek featuring both The Hunter (Volume 1) and The Pleiades (Volume 2). Across these more than 600 pages, you’ll find a lifetime’s worth of truly elegant mentalism featuring fundamental concepts that are the work of pure genius. You won’t believe how easy it is to learn these powerful ideas.

The mentalism included in The Orion Project is about as pure as it comes. You’ll discover how to perform in truly impromptu situations with no props at all. No pencils, papers, nail writers or any other gimmick. Not even a piece of paper. You’ll be able to reveal thoughts as part of entertaining performances that use nothing more than you and your audience’s mind. It’s about as close to real mind reading as you can get.

Phedon Bilek has developed a groundbreaking process for harvesting minimal information and transforming it into an impactful presentation. His ability to build from just a name or word is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. And the best part is this incredibly clean process doesn’t require any messy guesswork, pre-show, cold reading, hypnosis or suggestion.

Throughout the teaching of these powerhouse routines, Phedon reveals the revolutionary concepts that have enabled him to achieve his perfect vision of how mentalism should be performed. He has also included complete scripts to make it even easier to learn.

Once you’ve built a good foundation, you’ll be surprised to learn how simple it is to put these wildly creative tools into practice. Their “modular” quality allows you to mix and match techniques, while also giving you freedom to infuse your own creativity and create moments that set you work apart from any other performer.

There are more than 20 performance-ready pieces, over 100 subtleties and more than a dozen new methods presented in these invaluable texts. This is real-world material that you’ll find yourself revisiting for the rest of your career.

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“What Phedon does is accessing not only thoughts but the way of thoughts. He teaches how to take seeming intangibles, like the ways people think, and sculpt them as if they existed in the realm of objects. Similarly, he manipulates and applies emotions, so they function almost as if they are sleights.” Bill Cushman

"The fundamental concepts in Orion are a work of genius, and they will leave your audience with no choice but to believe that you are reading minds. I'm blown away by Phedon's methods; this is groundbreaking work for all mentalists." Millard Longman

"Phedon's approach to mentalism fascinates me, and this beautifully written 600-page tour de force of powerful mentalism is a major contribution to our art. Five stars!" Richard Webster

"Orion will cement Phedon's reputation as an inspirational thinker in the modern world of mentalism." Scott Creasey

"This is bound to become one of the foundational publications of contemporary mentalism." Francis Girola

Hardbound | Formatted by Phill Smith | Printed by Haresign Press


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  • Robert asks: Does this contain all previous works (e.g. Proteus, Sybil)?

    • 1. Jim answers: From Phédon: Orion is all new material. It uses a couple of tools from Sibyl, but that’s about it. All new stuff! There IS something that does contain some of the things covered in Orion, and it’s my PHASMA lecture notes from MindFx, released for the lecture I gave in 2019 in Newcastle for Mind6.
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These books are as beautiful outside as the material is useful inside. In this case, you can judge the book by the covers. The spines fit together to form a constellation. As a side note, Vanishing only sent me one book by mistake - they contacted me before I even received the box and made it right before I knew I had an incomplete set. I have been impressed with the quality control of Vanishing and the emphasis on customer service. Thank you.


Mohammad Zubair

I am new to the magic space, but have bought quite a few books and tricks. Some of them were instant regrets - both on cards and mentalism.

Orion is the most expensive book I ever bought - magic or otherwise, but I am loving every single page of this. The best buy to date despite its price.



This is an absolutely fantastic set. Beautifully printed and executed.

This is real mind reading and the tools you need to create miracles. It’s an instant classic that every mentalist should own and thoroughly study.

Orion (Silver Edition) by Phedon Bilek and MindFX