PeekSmith 3

Accessory by Electricks
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PeekSmith 3

244.95 usd

Accessory by Electricks (244.95)

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PeekSmith 3 - magic
PeekSmith 3 PeekSmith 3 PeekSmith 3 PeekSmith 3 PeekSmith 3

A state-of-the-art mini peek device designed to work with many of your favorite magic apps and electronic devices.

Designed by Electricks, "PeekSmith 3" is the gold standard in electronic peek devices. It's super easy to conceal and works seamlessly with many of the most popular magic apps.

Trusted by some of the world's leading mentalists and magicians like Colin McLeod, Shawn Farquhar, Angelo Carbone, Jan Forster, and others, "PeekSmith 3" by Electricks is the gold standard in electronic peek devices.

PeekSmith 3 Advantages

"PeekSmith 3" allows you to quickly and covertly access information from a variety of sources such as magic apps and other electronic magic devices. You can secretly peek information such as words, cards, numbers, drawings and more.

Unlike Apple Watch and smart band screens that go into sleep mode after a short period of time, "PeekSmith 3" stays on permanently so you can get your peek at a glance whenever you need it. Unlike Apple Watches and other smart watches, which can sometimes be limited by their specific operating system, "PeekSmith" seamlessly works across a huge variety of compatible devices

Equipped with a high-resolution color screen, "PeekSmith 3" is designed for ultimate readability. Combined with a vibration motor and intuitive input buttons, this device is a must-have for any serious magician or mentalist.

This reliable, small device is also super easy to conceal. You can palm it in your hand, tuck it into a card box or even put into your breast pocket to get a peek while "blindfolded". There really is no limit to how you choose to integrate "PeekSmith 3". Everyone who purchases one gets instant access to the private Facebook group in which you can see the creative ways other magicians and mentalists use theirs, as well as the array of accessories that are available.

While there are other devices available that display information, none offer the amount of integrations and continually evolving features like "PeekSmith 3" does. All for one amazing price!

Some of the many integrations "PeekSmith 3" is compatible with include:

  • Inject 2 by Greg Rostami
  • Wikitest by Marc Kerstein
  • Pi Revelations by David Penn
  • Cognito by Lloyd Barnes
  • New Cypher Pro
  • Picasso Pro by Ellusionist
  • Hydra by Ellusionist
  • Novus by Ellusionist
  • DiceSmith by Benke Smith
  • TimeSmith by Benke Smith
  • CubeSmith by Benke Smith
  • Spotted Dice by András Bártházi
  • Kinetic Mental Dice by Marc-Antoine
  • Insight by Hugo Shelley

PeekSmith App
Each "PeekSmith 3" comes with the free "PeekSmith Companion App" that offers an ever-growing list of capabilities (some features may require additional purchases):

  • Thumper for having an assistant send text, vibration patterns or card information
  • Web thumper for working with an assistant anywhere in the world
  • An in-app doodle board with text recognition (draw on the screen or use a Labco Mindbuster or Bamboo Slate)
  • Other configurable web polling sources to integrate your own sources

Standalone Mode
Standalone Mode allows for independent operation without the need for a phone. Utilizing Bluetooth connectivity, it can seamlessly connect to other devices such as the Spotted Dice to display roll results, an NFC/RFID reader for card reading, or drawing boards for real-time display of sketches.

NOTE: Apps that require your phone and/or internet will still need them in order to get the information first before it can be sent to the "PeekSmith" device.

Continuous Improvement

The Electricks team is dedicated to continually updating the firmware for "PeekSmith 3". New features and capabilities are added regularly and can be easily installed. The Electricks team is continually working with app developers to maximize the information that can be peeked on the screen, as well as expand the compatibility with a wide range of applications and devices. They are also regularly enhancing the firmware and companion app.

"As a CubeSmith, TimeSmith, PeekSmith and soon DiceSmith user with their appropriate products, I have to say I have never been so impressed by the sheer amount of app updates / features, routine versatility and customer service by any other magic duo. Some of my best purchases ever!
Angelo Carbone

"This little device is incredibly good and extremely so reliable! Actually, it is that good that I use it now permanently in my shows and even bought a second unit as back up! And the accompanying app is really great. Highly recommended!" Jan Forster


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    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It will not work with those products.
  • Frank asks: Which boards work with this (this is about the statement, "...drawing boards for real-time display of sketches.")? I can't imagine that you can see much of an image on a device with so few display pixels.

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    • Pasquale asks: Sorry, I made mistakes in my question. Same question as RON: it also works with Pitata products. Thank you

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        • Guillaume asks: Hello, the tree dice, is it for mental dice?

          • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This can be used with Mental Dice
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