PITATA Pendulum Sharpie

Trick by PITATA and ULTRAMantic
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PITATA Pendulum Sharpie

349.95 usd

Trick by PITATA and ULTRAMantic (297.50 - normally $349.95)

In stock.
PITATA Pendulum Sharpie - magic
PITATA Pendulum Sharpie PITATA Pendulum Sharpie PITATA Pendulum Sharpie PITATA Pendulum Sharpie PITATA Pendulum Sharpie PITATA Pendulum Sharpie

Elevate your mentalism presentations to new heights by allowing your audience to literally feel the moment the magic happens. The "PITATA Pendulum Sharpie" is your guide to real miracles.

Before you go any further, we encourage you to check out the trailer and discover how "Pendulum Sharpie" by PITATA and ULTRAMantic is one of the most captivating blends of magic and technology you’ll ever see.

Design and Background

While many magicians and mentalists will often mention their sixth sense or intuition, the moments where they truly convince an audience that they possess these skills are much rarer. “Pendulum Sharpie” allows you to amplify your presentations to the point where they feel the magic, making the moment infinitely more impactful.

Disguised as a Mini Sharpie, “PITATA Pendulum Sharpie” is your ticket to a new realm of mental magic. As your helper holds the Sharpie like a pendulum, you're able to invoke a tingling sensation at any moment via a hidden remote control.

Unlike mere vibrations or thumping, this haptic sensation resembles a heartbeat or pulse. Brief and impactful, while being entirely noiseless. The moment your audiences “feel” your intuition at work is one they’ll never forget.

Not only does the “Pendulum Sharpie” look like a regular Mini Sharpie, but it writes like one too. Nobody will ever guess that there is an embedded microelectronic mechanism hidden within the seamless body.

Portable and Practical

All core components of the “Pendulum Sharpie” were custom-manufactured to offer the same convenience as AirPords or any other wireless earbuds. Your pen automatically powers on and off when it’s removed or placed in the wireless charging case (which also has ink storage), allowing you to get up to 800 uses on a single charge of the case.

The sleek and ergonomic remote also offers an enhanced button feel and functionality, without sacrificing its impressive operating distance of up to 8 meters.

This flawless fusion of art and engineering provides a remarkable user experience. It’s smaller than a standard deck of cards, making it a pocket-friendly tool that’s always within reach.

15 Routines Included

To ensure you get the most out of this powerful tool, many of China’s best mentalists worked to create and refine 15 amazing routines. This tutorial will teach you how to maximize the potential of the “Pendulum Sharpie” and is worth the cost on its own.

There is something for everyone from solo predictions to group predictions, mind reading, chair tests, invisible touch effects, object readings, hypnosis, and more. As a special BONUS, you’ll also learn a special method for ensuring a 100% success rate and will also receive a custom Tarot Deck that’s perfect for the Matching Tarot routine taught in the tutorial.

”PITATA Pendulum Sharpie” Key Details Overview

  • A novel mental magic tool that offers new possibilities
  • Mental magic your audience can actually feel
  • Emits haptic sensations that perfectly mimic a heartbeat or pulse
  • Looks and writes like a real Sharpie
  • Automatically activates and powers down when taken out/put into a charging case
  • Up to 800 uses on a single charge of the charging case
  • Ink within the charging case lasts over four days
  • Remote has a straight-line signal distance of 8 meters
  • Comes with 15 routines from China's leading mentalists
  • BONUS: Custom Tarot Deck included

You’ll Receive

  • “PITATA Pendulum Sharpie” (17mm x 13mm)
  • Charging case (76mm x 50mm x 29mm)
  • Remote control (41mm x 22m x 22m)
  • Charging cable
  • Accessory pack
  • BONUS: Custom Tarot Deck (78mm x 46mm)

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