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Prementaliction - magic
Prementaliction Prementaliction Prementaliction Prementaliction Prementaliction

"This is the ONE effect I use to open EVERY ONLINE show right now. It doesn't get any better than this. I can't wait to use this in live performances as well." Paul Romhany

"The most unbelievable ending of any trick ever" ITV

From the physical stage to the virtual stage, Prementaliction is a fantastic opening to any show!

Routine 1
An audience member shouts out a number between 1 and 100. The magician or mentalist then removes a ticket case from a wallet that has been in full view and shows a prediction that was off by 3. While being this close is impressive, the audience is a bit let down that it wasn't fully correct. That is, of course, until a huge envelope that was on display since the start of the routine is opened to show that the performer accurately predicted this entire outcome from the start of the routine. This impossible prediction is unbelievably clean and fair.

Routine 2
If you are performing virtual magic shows on Zoom, you must learn this amazing and direct routine! A wallet with a target sticker on it is introduced and a random audience member is asked to call out a number between 1-100. After the spectator mentally shoots their number at the target, the performer opens the wallet and takes out a smaller business card wallet. Inside that smaller wallet is a business card with a prediction that matches the called-out number.

You can even have words or something else written on the business card. Or, you can have several different people call out numbers. This is a great way to get many audience members involved in one routine.

What You Get:

  • A custom-made, high quality Prementaliction wallet with the smaller business card wallet inside
  • Online tutorial featuring live performances both on stage and online
  • Alternate handlings and ideas
  • Bonus tips on marketing and virtual performances.

NOTE: Prementaliction requires one small item that is not included but can be easily obtained and is already owned by many mentalists.


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