By Patrick Redford
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DVD or download by Patrick Redford ($40.00)

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Patrick Redford’s “Prevaricator” is more than a mentalism effect—it’s a concept that uses no gimmicks or props. Redford shares his diabolical method for detecting a lie, and discovering who is hiding a borrowed object and which hand they are hiding it in.

Two spectators are handed an object (say, a crumpled bill) and invited to play a game: one spectator will be the liar and one will tell the truth. While your head is turned, one of the two spectators takes the object. You, the mentalist, always know who the liar is, and which hand they are hiding the bill in. You can repeat the game indefinitely, and close by divining the serial number on the borrowed bill. 

Prevaricator is unlike any DVD you have seen. Because the system involved requires a spectator, you are given a performance practice session, so you can practice along with Patrick Redford, in the comfort of your own home. This skill-building feature will allow you to perform “Prevaricator” with confidence, the first time you try it. 

With a running time of 112 minutes and an ebook (included on the DVD) tipping 100 pages (with contributions from Barrie Richardson, Gregory Wilson, Banachek, Ben Blau, Garrett Thomas, Paul Vigil and more), this is a package and a principle of enormous value.

Just some of the raves that we've already received from the best mentalists in the world:

I have known and eagerly followed the creations of Patrick ever since he was George (or is it the other way around?).thi His deep thinking on the Truth/Liar object location is of value to anyone who wants to grow from owning props to possessing power.Michael Weber
This is one of the best 'psychological magic effects' in years! Direct, simple, and baffling.Patrick Kuffs
Prevaricator and its extensions is one of the closest things to real mind reading... because it is. No gimmicks , no double talk or dual reality, it is what you would do if you read minds... because you do. Put your two cents in this miracle and sufficient practice and if you are not rewarded, I will personally pay for your investment. I have no stock or investment in this marvel of psychological control, but a deep respect for its method and presentation.Marc Salem
For just a moment, forget about Prevaricator…forget about the effect, the method, everything—it’s just another piece of mentalism. Instead, focus on what you can learn about mentalism from Prevaricator, and then you will really have something.Rick Maue
Most mentalists are looking of that 'holy grail' of mentalism. That one effect that is really magick, the one effect that is "real." Patrick Redford has come as close as it gets when it comes to this with Prevaricator. One would be mistaken to think this is just a single effect. It is so much more than that, in this booklet you will learn tools that will help you in all your other mentalism presentations. Prevaricator hands you subtleties that will help you advance your artistic mentalist abilities get you thinking outside the box. Banachek
I remember how Prevaricator struck me when it was first published. It came as a kick in the head. Though packaged as a modest little booklet, it packed a wallop. I hadn’t seen anything like it and hadn’t a clue why it worked. I didn’t believe it would work until I tried it. But work it does. I’ve used it successfully ever since in connection with my own truthteller routine for an extra kick and to rule out any logic puzzle. I’m thrilled that you’re finally releasing the long-awaited DVD and latest thoughts on this classic effect. They’re a godsend. I can’t wait to put this wealth of information into practice.Leo Boudreau
It's not often that I am sooooo badly fooled. If Prevaricator got me only once, it could've been lucky. Twice was impressive. But reliably over and over and over, it was downright remarkable!Gregory Wilson

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Customer reviews for Prevaricator



This is such a fun effect to do! If you’re a psychological mind reader then you will love this! Even if you are more esoteric you don’t have to present it as if you are looking for tells. It isn’t 100% but definitively enriches your repertoire. I would strongly consider this a fail safe if your use technology fails, it’s much better to fall back on this rather than guessing!





I recently purchased Prevaricator and after watching through the DVD I was very pleased with the quality of the teachings and their thoroughness. This is not a logic puzzle, it is a psychological effect that employs real psychology to achieve the effects. It is an impromptu, gimmickless effect that can be performed with one spectator or multiple. Patrick Redford explains exactly what you need to do to perform this effect. It includes a performance section, which shows you multiple different effects that you will learn in the DVD with real performances. He then goes on to give you the explanation and gives in depth information on how to achieve these effects. I was astonished on how simple many of the techniques were. Some are subtle, but if you know what you are looking for then you will be able to succeed. Because this is a psychological effect, it is NOT 100% guaranteed success, but with practice you should be able to greatly increase your odds. In case of failure or if you have no idea where the object is, Patrick provides multiple failsafes and outs to help you still come out on top. In the DVD there is also a practice session with enables you to practice the technique and spotting the tells in multiple performances. There is another section where Patrick goes over the practice video and explains each performance in it and what you should have looked for. I do wish that this section was filmed better because the camera angles were not the best and prevented you from seeing the entire scene at some parts. They still enabled me to practice and did still provide help in what to look for but I wish they could have done the angles from the performers point of view. Patrick also goes over the performances from the first section of the DVD and points out all the tells and how he was able to determine the location of the object. The DVD also comes with an ebook that goes into even more depth over the psychology and history behind the techniques. Overall the DVD and ebook do a very thorough job of explaining and teaching you how to perform Prevaricator. Patrick Redford is an amazing teacher and performer. I highly recommend this effect, whether you be a professional mentalist or a card kind of guy. I myself am a beginner in mentalism and have spent most of my time doing card tricks and magic with props. This effect acts like a stepping stone for me as I continue on my path. Plus, for only $10 (all the places I checked have it for $40) it will be well worth the money and is quite a steal. I urge anyone who is on the fence with this one or even remotely interested to go ahead and purchase Prevaricator, you will not regret it! Thank you Patrick Redford!



This DVD is awesome - you only need to look at the comments of the performers above to know that. The thing I really love about this DVD is that the techniques are so well taught - a ton of effort has gone into thinking about how to teach the techniques so that you can go away and feel confident about using them in the real world.



The DVD content is excellent, and the .pdf file contained on the DVD is superb. The effect is well-explained and worked well the first time I tried it. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and find it well worth the cost.

On the other hand, I give this a "Good" rating only because I was I was quite frustrated while trying to navigate through the sections of the DVD. I was unable to click on the section titles and had to "manually" select the titles by number which did not correspond to the titles' names presented on the screen. By "manually" I mean I had to select "titles" from the player's pull down menu and then guess which title connected to which section. I tried 3 different DVD players with the same result.

It would also have been helpful to provide information regarding the .pdf directly rather than implying how to find it.


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  • RLee asks: Prevaricator - now that the physical DVD is no longer in stock, my question is: does the download contain everything that was included with the DVD?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, the download version is the same version that was on the DVD.
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