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Prism The Color Series of Mentalism - magic

Writing under the name of Phil Goldstein, Max Maven has created one of the largest, cleverest and most influential bodies of work in the field, stretching from the latter part of the twentieth century into the twenty-first.

Max Maven's star rose early, with the publication of five slim collections, each packed with innovative and performance-caliber mentalism. These booklets, which have become widely known as "The Color Series," contained items such as "Desire", "The Spirit is Willing (to Write)" and "Four-sided Triangle"—items that have become modern classics in the field of mentalism 

Max Maven produced the Color booklets in small quantities and, despite ongoing popular request, refused to reprint them. They have become highly sought after, fetching prices in the hundreds of dollars on eBay.

At last, after a quarter of a century, the entire Color Series is again available; all 53 effects, newly illustrated by Ton Onosaka, 240 pages in hardcover. Welcome to a classic reborn-Prism. It makes for a great, relaxing read, and contains some very clever, easy-to-perform mentalism. This book gets our highest recommendation.

Pages 240 - Hardbound


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I haven't managed to read the book fully yet, but from the few pages I have read, it's definitely engaging.... As for the service provided by Vanish Inc... Outstanding and worthy of a 5 star.

VI Monthly


This is a classic work by Max Maven. I've performed many of the effects in this collection. Some have required me to print special cards on an inkjet but well worth the effort! Some utilize standard mentalist gimmicks. Others are based on tried and true mentalism methods. Others are impromptu. To mention only one, check out Kirigami that only requires a strip of paper.

In other words, Prism effects span the mentalist oeuvre.

This book belongs in the library of every mentalist of every skill level.

It is also an excellent reference book as Max Maven will refer to it in some of his magazine articles. Intro to effects include excellent historical background -- a standard feature of Max's. It is a great and entertaining read, written in Max Maven's concise and informative style. Max is one of the best writers in magic.

If you aspire to be a mentalist this is a must buy, in my opinion.



I’m only a third of the way through, but this really is a fantastic book by the dearly missed Max Maven.

The thinking behind each effect is phenomenal, and I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in making their magic more impactful; whether mentalist or not.

It takes simple props (invisible deck, glorpy, billets etc.) and breathes new life into them, making you reevaluate your own presentations and offers a wonderful look into the mind of a genius.

I wish I’d have bought this book years ago. It definitely belongs on any magic bookshelf, and it’s one I’ll go back to again and again.


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  • Omid asks: Do I need any gimmicks or things for some of the effects like a swami gimmick or billets/ Are most of these effects prop less mentalist.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While the routines are not propless mentalism, they do use objects that can easily be found either around the house or at a craft store.
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