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Prodigy Peek

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Prodigy Peek - magic
Prodigy Peek Prodigy Peek

A practical, deceptive, and versatile technique for the modern mentalist. This groundbreaking concept allows you to read minds with ease in both close up and stage scenarios.

"A must-buy. The handling and choreography are immaculate and will deceive anyone. The best new mentalism material I've read in a while." Mark Elsdon

Prodigy Peek is brought to you by Franz, a professional mentalist and creator from Germany. His creations have been featured in the shows and TV appearances of some of Germany's most successful mystery artists.

The "Prodigy Peek" offers many advantages, including the perfect justification for why the thought needs to be written down. It enables you to perform engaging and amazing routines for 2 to 3 spectators, each of which are structured in a way where the misdirection is naturally built in. You have full control over critical angles and everything resets quickly and easily. Workers will love this!

What you will learn:

The main "Prodigy Peek" routine is accompanied by five additional routines and handlings. Your creative juices will be sparked by all the potential.

Prodigy Peek
A refreshing, modern way to reveal the thoughts of two different people at the same time. Double the fun without any extra work.

Prodigy Peek X+1
A variation on the main routine that allows you to increase the number of minds being read to 3.

Prodigy Q&A
A condensed Q&A routine from Thomas Heine that can always be carried in your pocket. There is no better way to practice and refine your cold reading skills.

Prodigy Thought Transmission
After having their minds read, the spectator takes on the role of mentalist and is impossibly able to sense a random thought from someone else.

Prodigy Prediction
Probably the most deceptive version of the classic animal gag prediction for close-up performances. One spectator thinks of a word, a second spectator freely thinks of any animal. The first thought is read, the animal correctly predicted.

All of this is accompanied by a variety of helpful tips, ideas and a bonus routine that will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

"I am very, very impressed. I will include this in my own repertoire." Luca Volpe

"Prodigy Peek is the cleanest, most logical, practical and cleverly thought out peek routine that I've come across in a long time (maybe ever). Every Mentalist should have this book in their collection." Chris Edwards

"The Prodigy Peek is an absolute worker! Clean, logical, deceptive, versatile, easy to set up and even easier to perform - what more could you ask for?" Thomas Heine


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