Psycho Quiz Prediction

Trick by Anthony Owen
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Psycho Quiz Prediction

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Trick by Anthony Owen (22.00)

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A participant is asked to answer out loud three questions from a psychological personality quiz on the back page of a genuine issue of Cosmopolitan magazine (USA edition. Please note magazine is not included. Purchasers are given details of how to easily obtain copies outside of the USA). Amazingly you have correctly predicted in advance with a three stage prediction exactly which answers they will give. Three big, amazed reactions from the audience are guaranteed from just a magazine. No one ahead (all three predictions are written before anything is said by the spectator).

No pre-show. The method is totally self contained. No secret assistants or stooges, only one prediction which is genuinely written in advance, nothing is switched or changed. Can be performed on the largest stage or up close on the street, in a restaurant, cocktail party, trade show, house party, college. Anywhere. Even over Skype with the predictions sent in advance by email. It will work every single time with 100% accuracy.

Comes with all the necessary very specially produced gimmicks which, if used with care, will last for hundreds and hundreds of performances.


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Psycho Quiz Prediction is a mentalism masterpiece that seamlessly combines the intrigue of psychological quizzes with the mystique of mind-reading, delivering a jaw-dropping experience for both the performer and the audience. The premise is elegantly simple: a participant is handed a genuine magazine and asked to answer three questions from a personality quiz. What follows is pure magic, as the mentalist, armed with a three stage prediction, astoundingly anticipates the participant’s responses.

One of the standout features of Psycho Quiz Prediction is its versatility. Whether performed on a grand stage, in an intimate setting, or even over virtual platforms, the effect guaranteers three significant reactions that will leave the audience in awe. The absence of pre-show works adds an extra layer of credibility to the performance as everything is self-contained - with no secret assistants or stooges involved.

The gimmicks provided are not only specially produced but also durable, ensuring longevity for countless performances. The reliability is a testament to the thoughtful craftsmanship behind the effect. The claim of 100% accuracy adds an exciting element of challenge and raises the stakes for both the performer and the spectators.

As an endorsement, it is worth noting that I have incorporated Psycho Quiz Prediction into my comedy magic shows. I wanted to emphasize its effectiveness in entertaining diverse audiences. This revelation speaks to the adaptability of the effect and its potential to enhance various performance contexts. Overall, Psycho Quiz Prediction is a must-have for mentalists seeking a powerful, foolproof addition to their repertoire.


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