Shelby Wallet

Trick by Gaz Lawrence
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Shelby Wallet

49.95 usd

Trick by Gaz Lawrence (49.95)

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Shelby Wallet - magic
Shelby Wallet Shelby Wallet Shelby Wallet Shelby Wallet Shelby Wallet Shelby Wallet

A principle so clever it will leave you just as spellbound as your audience. Just watch the trailer and see for yourself how incredibly quick, smooth, and effective the "Shelby Wallet" by Gaz Lawrence is.

"Gaz has created an absolute no brainer, just buy it!" Peter Turner

Instantly and discreetly peek any word, number, symbol, or picture without anyone suspecting a thing. You'll be smiling from ear to ear once you see how unique and devious the design of the "Shelby Wallet" is. This is quite possibly the fairest, easiest, fastest, and cleanest method for getting a full peek you'll ever see.

Once the billet/card has been placed inside, you can show the wallet from all sides. To the audience, it seems very clear that there is no way for you to see what has been written or drawn. Yet, in that completely innocent action, you've secretly gained all the information you'll need. Everything happens in an instant without anyone suspecting a thing.

  • No electronics
  • No privacy glass
  • No lights
  • No questions

Teaming up with Mark Mason, Gaz Lawrence has created a truly phenomenal prop. It's a beautiful leather business card/credit card holder that looks as elegant as it operates. Mentalists and magicians alike will absolute love using the "Shelby Wallet".

"If James Bond had a peek wallet it would be 'The Shelby Wallet.' Mark immediately placed the wallet in my hand and told me he just peeked the information. That was the moment I realized he got me. Simply nothing to see. The Shelby Wallet is slim, modern, and practical.This is something you use." Tim Trono

"This is the cleanest and fastest full peek wallet I've ever seen. Brilliant design and practical. This is now everyday carry for me. Materials and craftsmanship are superb. Handling takes no practice. Absolutely brilliant!" Jonathan Todd

"The best business card peek wallet I have ever none!" Stephen Leathwaite

"Simple, direct with an incredibly devious method" Steve Cook

"I'm being totally honest this is going to be huge; you have a massive winner on your hands here. I have never seen anything like this before, quite simply brilliant" Ian Maltby


Customer reviews for Shelby Wallet



For the money, a little more thought could have gone into the design. The main issue I have with this wallet is that it cannot be loaded with more than four(4) business cards, and cannot have real credit cards in it. Otherwise it will not function properly. A peek wallet should be designed to look natural and should be functional. Even the fake credit card inserts have no writing or graphics visible on the top portion, which is exposed; that would have been a nice touch. So, I will carry only three business cards just to be absolutely sure it functions properly. I will also cut an old credit card in half and tape it to create a hinge, so that the wallet will have sufficient bend to it. This is the only work around I can think of. So, after three uses, I will need to reload, because I’m certainly not going to take a business card from my pocket just to put it back in the wallet. Makes no sense.
I was really hoping for a better product here. Sadly I bought two of them; one for a fellow magician as a gift.



The wallet is obvious. It is not functional as a "normal" wallet and does not stand up to anyone who holds it in their hand for even a minute. Exceedingly disappointed. I have seen many peek devices that are much, much better.


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  • Jonathan asks: How easy is it to replace the RFID card with something else (such as a flexible ID card?)

    • 1. Jim answers: Some DIY work—nothing major.
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  • Matthew asks: Is this genuine leather?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is.
  • John asks: Can any business card be used?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes.
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