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Trick by PITATA
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PITATA Smart Scale

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Trick by PITATA (637.50 - normally $749.95)

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PITATA Smart Scale - magic
PITATA Smart Scale PITATA Smart Scale PITATA Smart Scale PITATA Smart Scale PITATA Smart Scale PITATA Smart Scale

An advanced mind-reading device that modernizes a beloved principle and infinitely expands its possibilities into the realm of real magic.

The "PITATA Smart Scale" is a true technological marvel. Before you go any further, we encourage you to check out the trailer to learn more about this miracle-maker.

Background and Design

This seed for the “PITATA Smart Scale” was first planted in 1995, when Professor Finn Jon fooled a room full of magicians with a mind-boggling performance at the IBM convention. A bag of nails was handed out to the audience and they were instructed to remove as many nails as they liked. He then retrieved the bag, placed it on a tray, and was able to correctly guess how many nails the spectator took. All without any “classic methods” that were discernible to the knowledgeable audience.

He later revealed that the method revolved around the use of an electronic scale. It gave birth to a new principle in mentalism that eventually sparked the creation of the “PITATA Smart Scale” nearly three decades later.

The last 30 years have seen many magicians and mentalists explore the idea of converting weight measurements into valuable data for performances. Undoubtedly, the most popular iterations revolved around using the weight of a memorized deck to amplify stacked deck work.

While these ideas were strong, none explored the potential of this amazing “weighing” principle more than the “PITATA Smart Scale”. After years of development, this device is the epitome of precision and potential.

Weigh More Than Your Imagination

The “PITATA Smart Scale” is an advanced mind-reading device that uses hyper-sensitive pressure sensors to detect weight changes of 0.01g. This is precise enough to detect anything from the weight of a single playing card to a tiny mint candy with 100% accuracy. This data is then converted into valuable info for magicians.

Looking at it from a birds-eye view, the core functions of this amazing device are:

Preset Stack Reading
Paired with a card stack, the “PITATA Smart Scale” can discern exactly how many cards they cut and what card they cut to. It comes pre-loaded with 6 popular stacks including Mnemonica and Si Stebbins, and can also be customized for any stack you want (including non-playing card stacks).

Guess the Quantity of Equal Weight Objects
Someone selects a handful of candies or coins, and the “PITATA Smart Scale” reveals the exact quantity taken. A baffling, unexplainable miracle.

App Unlocks More Features

Moving beyond the traditional ideas though, and diving deeper into the possibilities of the weight principle, the “PITATA Smart Scale” works with both the included receiver and the “PITATA App.” The latter of which allows for even more imaginative effects.

Stack Customization
Alongside the six classic preloaded card stacks, you can customize it for your favorite stack. You’re not limited to playing cards either as you can also create custom billet stacks with objects like fruits, animals, or locations.

Borrowed Object Reading
You borrow five objects from the audience, and one audience member secretly takes one. You can accurately identify their choice. Alternatively, you have five different audience members randomly choose one, and you can identify each selection.

Mental Drinks
Five different beverages are presented to the audience, and they freely choose one to drink. After each sip, using your heightened sense of taste, you can accurately reveal the specific beverage they drank. There’s also an alternate handling using coins from different countries.

Kurotsuke & Russian Roulette
Inspired by Max Maven, this classic mind-reading effect involves identifying the individual who took the red ball. Using the same principle, you can replace the ball with any other object, such as performing a Russian Roulette-style routine. (A set of the perfect custom-made props for this routine is available separately)

The Telepathy
A voodoo doll is placed on a table and you can somehow impossibly perceive when someone touches it. It’s as if you were directly connected with the doll.

Bonus Customization
All these effects have been organized into a convenient reference table, giving you the foundation needed to substitute any mentioned objects with alternatives. This enables you to easily create personalized routines. An integrated “automatic mode” in the app also offers the potential to not need to interact with your phone at all.

Discreet and Versatile

Breaking free from traditional constraints, the “PITATA Smart Scale” offers unrivaled versatility. It’s just slightly thicker than a deck of cards, making it one of the smallest and most compact weighing devices ever made. You can put it in a card box or close up pad or craft pretty much any DIY housing you want.

The best part is that all the routines put the spectators and their objects centerstage. All of the items are handled by them and can even be given out as souvenirs. This amazing technology takes care of all the hard work so you can focus on the presentation.

”PITATA Smart Scale” Key Details Overview

  • Advanced technology paired with a powerful receiver and app unlocks incredible versatility
  • Discreet high-tech design with unmatched precision up to 0.01g
  • Customizable housing allows placement in a card case, close-up pad or even DIY solutions (other specially-made housing accessories are available below)
  • Bluetooth 5.2 ensures robust signal transmission
  • Customizable card content and quantities
  • 9 routines included
  • Extra accessories available

Comes With

  • “PITATA Smart Scale” (77mm x 63mm x 20mm)
  • Receiver (51mm x 30mm x 1mm)
  • Charging cable
  • Complete instructions with 9 routines

Other Accessories Available Separately

Important Manufacturer's Warranty Information

PITATA products are professionally produced with expert quality control. A 12-month parts and labor guarantee is included with your purchase.

Should your “PITATA Smart Scale” stop working for any reason within the first year, PITATA will provide free parts and labor for the duration of the Manufacturer's Warranty period. Your only cost will be shipping the item back to them for repair.

After the manufacturer's warranty has expired, an extended limited warranty will activate for five years. This limited warranty guarantees free labor to repair your unit. The only cost to you is parts and shipping.

Vanishing Inc. is not responsible for managing the warranty. All warranty claims must be made directly with PITATA.


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  • Jack asks: Is it possible for the information on the screen to go from text to speech, to feed into a discreet earpiece?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not that we are aware of.
  • David asks: Is the close-up pad available for the PITATA SMART SCALE and if so do objects HAVE to be place directly on the concealed scale position, or anywhere on the pad. Also does it have a remote or is it on all the time. In the ‘trailer’ several objects are placed over quite a large area of the pad - does this mean that most areas of the pad are covered. Thank you David Beckle Ps what price for scale, close-up pad and remote if available.

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    • Charles asks: Can the deck be picked back up or the initial contact disrupted without disrupting the correct identification of the value sought?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No it would need to be read whilst the deck is on the scale
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