Stone Cold Mental (Volume 1)

Book by Jeff Stone
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Stone Cold Mental (Volume 1)

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Book by Jeff Stone (29.95)

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Stone Cold Mental is the debut release in a special series from Jeff Stone where he shares his most closely-guarded mentalism secrets from his last decade+ of performing professionally.

This 130-page book features 10 amazing effects and 3 bonus ideas, including a fun idea for magicians, a utility conception and unique presentation idea for your parlor or stage magic show. There are also interactive QR codes with performance footage, a secret website and so much more. All of this perfectly captures Jeff's mission to make mentalism less boring.

NOTE: Vanishing Inc. currently only has the softback books available. The eBook will be added as it becomes available.


A prediction is openly placed on the table. The spectator truly shuffles a packet of ESP cards then (without the mentalist ever touching the packet) and deals them out on to the table. They stop wherever they want. It's a truly free choice. Yet, your prediction is impossibly correct.

Extra Sensory Pendulum
The mentalist finds the spectator's thought of ESP card with a pendulum. The spectator then finds the mentalist's thought of ESP card using a pendulum. The spectator truly has a freely thought of ESP card. There is no force.

Torched Tarot
A powerful moment of wonder that will allow you to deeply connect with a "spectator." This remarkable effect thrives in a private one-on-one session. Performer correctly, it can be very emotional. Please use responsibly.

The haruspex predicts a thought of tarot card in just about the creepiest way possible. Don't worry, no entrails or sacrificed animals were involved.

The Persistence of Time
One spectator reveals an hour that was merely thought of by another spectator.

Time Enough at Last
A variation of the last effect that uses actual watches instead of clock drawings and offers a totally different presentation and vibe.

Hotel Hell. The key to the hotel room of a serial killer is shown to have a spiritual connection to the murderer causing a fireball to appear from nowhere, and some other spooky things.

The Purge
A voodoo doll wrapped in a cloth is seen to move. A pin then appears in the voodoo doll at the exact place chosen by the spectator.

Bone Count
A spectator secretly chooses a number on a die. Another spectator chooses 1 of 6 face-down cards (one for each number on a die). The card chosen matches the number on the die. As a kicker, the other cards are shown to be completely blank. No equivoque.

Lost Lottery
The mentalist can hear the thoughts of the piqued participants as they think of some lottery numbers.

"I really admire Jeff Stone's approach to mentalism. His effects are not only especially powerful, but also clear and undeniable. And his presentations [in Stone Cold Mental] provide strong theatrical themes, while leaving plenty of room for the reader to bring their own unique style. You're in for a real treat." Jay Sankey

"Stone Cold Mental has solid usable effects for stage and close up. I'll be using the effects, and I predict you will too." Joe Diamond


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  • C Mysha asks: Should beginners (I have Never studied or performed) attempt Any of these? I’m Very interested in Mentalism but have no idea where to start. Help!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This book is not ideal for beginners. If you contact our Customer Support Wizards, they would be more than happy to put together a curated list of suggestions for you.
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