The Calling Card

Trick by Tance
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The Calling Card

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Trick by Tance (44.95)

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The Calling Card - magic
The Calling Card The Calling Card The Calling Card The Calling Card The Calling Card

An impromptu dual reality hypnosis routine that can be performed anytime, anywhere.

"The Calling Card" is a specially-designed laminated card that can be carried in your wallet. It looks just like any other completely normal, slightly-beat-up business card that has been kept in a wallet. Yet it allows you to perform an amazing routine that doesn't require any sleight of hand.

You can instantly and secretly alter the printed business name right in front of them, and also secretly reset it, all without ever needing to look at the card. There are no weird inks used or switches required. Just one special card handles all the hard work.

You start by explaining how the card allows you to conduct hypnotic suggestion. The back is shown to both of your participants separately (this works great with couples!). You hold the card right up to them, or in the palm of your hand, and point out the logo on the back explaining how you'll have the participant focus on that instead of using a pendulum.

This in itself is a great convincer.

Next, you give Spectator #1 a glimpse at the name of the business on the front of the card telling them not to say it out loud but to remember it (for later confirmation). You then perform a “hypnotic induction” on Spectator #2 by having them focus on the back logo, telling them "When you see the name of the business it will make no sense to you."

After the "suggestion", you show Spectator #2 the name of the business on the front, and the name doesn't make sense to them. They can't even pronounce it when asked. You immediately show the card to the spectator you originally showed it to (Spectator #1), and they clearly see the same name they saw earlier, the actual name. They have no problem reading it.

You “snap” Spectator #2 out of their suggestive state, showing the card to them again… and now they can see the actual name.

Each "Calling Card" is handmade by Tance. While only one card is used in performance, a matching distressed un-gaffed duplicate is included for those who wish to have one handy for examination.


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  • Paul asks: How robust is this?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is laminated and will last a long time. You can carry it in your wallet.
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