The Lucky Stone

Trick by Luca Volpe and Alan Wong
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The Lucky Stone

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Trick by Luca Volpe and Alan Wong (34.95)

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The Lucky Stone - magic
The Lucky Stone The Lucky Stone The Lucky Stone The Lucky Stone

An elegant and captivating twist on a classic of magic that allows you to immediately capture the attention of your audience and leave them with a memory they'll never forget.

"The Lucky Stone" starts by introducing an opulent box, which you announce holds the secret to achieving the impossible. A card is then selected and lost in the deck. Attention is brought back to the box and anticipation builds as it's opened to reveal a drawstring bag containing an enchanted stone that will help you find the card.

The cards are spread face-down on the table and your participant is invited to call "stop" as you move the stone along the cards. You proudly boast that their card will be under the stone whenever they do. Once they say "stop", the card below the stone is turned over.

But there is a twist: Everyone is shocked to see that it's not the chosen card.

That is when you remind them that you said their card would be "under" the stone. You turn the Lucky Stone over to reveal that their chosen card is actually engraved on the bottom of the stone.

This is an impossible moment. And you could end here. But, right when they think it's over, you hit them with the shocking grand finale...

In a truly magical moment, the incorrect card from before is shown to have transformed into their chosen card.

"The Lucky Stone" by Luca Volpe and Alan Wong is a unique approach to the classic Lucky Coin effect that is perfect for close-up and parlor performances. The intriguing presentation commands attention from the moment you walk up to the table, and multiple stones are included for repeat performances. It's easy to do and Luca gives you all the most important performance tips and variety of bonus ideas in the video tutorial.

Comes with everything you need to start performing right away:

  • Three different engraved stones (so the effect can be repeated for different groups)
  • Extra blank stone that you can personalize with your own revelation
  • A classy, beautiful box
  • Chic black drawstring
  • Video tutorial with bonus section

Customer reviews for The Lucky Stone



Inherently this is a simple illusion but presented well it plays big. I like this because I have always liked tricks that have more than one outcome. Coupled with the fact additional stones can be purchased is more that a bonus as are the three stones that come with this anyway. This is in the same mould as "magician insurance policy" and can be added to this type of magic. If this is what you like buy both this and the extra stones as it can be presented time and time again and the audience seen a few times will focus on the stone rather that the initial way the trick is presented. Simple but can really be a head scratcher. 5/5


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