The Manchurian Approach

By Anthony Jacquin
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The Manchurian Approach

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DVD or download by Anthony Jacquin ($79.95)

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The Manchurian Approach - magic

Whether it is to satisfy a fascination with hypnosis, the desire to mix hypnosis with your magic or you want to be able to perform impromptu hypnotism this DVD is for you.

Aimed at amateur and professional magicians and mentalists, this unique DVD is aimed solely at performance hypnosis. As well as interview-style explanations and training we include footage of taking these skills to the street and public bars. You will gain the confidence, attitude, patter and techniques required to excel including:

  • Handshake Induction
  • Hypno Force
  • Hypno Peek
  • Covert Pre-show
  • Reverse Mind Reading

Anthony Jacquin has over ten years experience as a hypnotist and is the author of the best-selling book: "Reality is Plastic - The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis" On "The Manchurian Approach" he shares a new genre of magical performance. Mixing his love of mentalism with his hypnotism skills, together with Kev Sheldrake he has created a performance style and technique capable of producing some of the most mind-blowing mental effects.

On this three-disc set you will learn, in detail, Anthony's approach to impromptu hypnosis - no prior knowledge is required - the first part of this set will guide you through everything you need to know in order to become the hypnotist. The second part takes the format of a discussion forum where Anthony is joined by mad genius, Kev Sheldrake and fellow hypnotist and magician Amit Badiani. In this section you will get a detailed look at some of the principles and applications of the techniques taught to magic and mentalism performances.

Hypno forces and hypno peeks are examples of the covert pre-show techniques that are available to a hypnotizing mentalist. The Reverse Mind Reading effect takes these concepts a step further, producing an unlimited ability to read a mind with the minimum of hypnotic pre-show work.


  • Become The Hypnotist. Learn an observation/attitude-based hypnosis model.
  • Learn how to perform with hypnosis. Apply it to magic and mentalism.
  • No history and theory lessons. Just tuition and demonstration
  • Mixture of interview-style discussions and public performances.

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  • Dhivan asks: Can I perform in small setting like hypnotize 1 or 2 person from a group of 2-3 people

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While the techniques could work for a smaller group, it is best for a larger audience.
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Customer reviews for The Manchurian Approach



This is Jedi power! I've been hypnotizing for years and still use hypnosis as in 'rapid induction' for stage shows but have not really used instant/direct hypnosis in bar/street environment, that is about to change with what I have learned in 'The Manchurian Approach!

This 4 DVD set is a great update/upgrade to any hypnotists arsenal! The book by Anthony, 'Reality is Plastic', is another worthy product to consider and highly recommended!

Anthony and the crew do a very good job of explaining and demonstrating! You'll be hitting the clubs and bars in no time and entertaining the people with nothing in your pockets. The routines taught on the dvd are great for all scenarios!



Very satisfied with purchase. Very detailed explanations. I have yet to perform, but I know people that are using these techniques; I just need to get brave enough and go for it. The price scares people away, but that means less people will be performing. On the fence? Go for it!



I am looking forward to introducing this into my act. Very pleased with the well-explained video.







This product is highly - highly recommended!!! I believe Anthony Jacquine is a real master of hypnosis,he really knows what he is talking about and if you really want to get into hypnosis, I talk about impromptu hypnosis for magicians and mentalists, this might be the best place to start. Even if you have no previous experience about the subject, after all these hours of teaching you get, I can assure you that you will be able to hypnotize people. It also includes his excellent book Reality is plastic. One of the best things I bought from vanishing Inc.



I think the info it's there and it's really good. However, due to the format the video is done, it is pretty, pretty long. Unnecessarily so if I may add. I wish the information was given in a more "compact" way.

The Manchurian Approach by Anthony Jacquin