Theater of the Mind

Book by Barrie Richardson
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Theater of the Mind

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Book by Barrie Richardson (70.00)

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There's one book, one name, one mind that has been continually recommended and referenced as the book that every performer should own.

It's been unavailable for quite some time, and we're delighted to let you know that Barrie Richardson's seminal *Theater Of The Mind *is finally reprinted. 

Over 320 pages, Barrie sets out 53 audience-tested, proven powerhouse routines. And every single one is amazing.

Barrie tended to rely on ordinary items rather than "props", and has really redefined the "packs small plays big" cliché. 

This book is full of practical, hard-hitting effects that involve the whole audience, down to intimate miracles that will astound and amaze your spectators. 

This effects in this must-have book rely on a devastating combination of simplicity and cleverness—and we are completely sure you will not only enjoy, but use the material here. 

This has been unavailable for so many years, and second-hand copies have been trading for hundreds of dollars. We recommend snapping this up now as the demand is extremely high.

The table of contents:



Ovation Position
One in a Half Million
Dollar Divination
The Airplane Cards
Molecules in Motion
Bill in Lemon

Mental Magnetism
Suspension of Disbelief
Mental Motor
The Psychic Strong Man
The Strange Key

Pencil Pusher
Powers of Darkness II
When Worlds Collide
The Power of Suggestion
Angels Flight

The Quasi-Memorized Deck
The Human Equation Barrie's Move a Card
Close-up Memory Demonstration
Truth to Tell

The Trick That Fooled Einstein
Alphabet Mentalism
Minds in Unison
Wigging the Baldpate
A String and Two Borrowed Rings
The Lazy Mentalist
The Very Last Chance
The Totally Isolated Prediction
Suspension of Disbelief I

Little Jackpot Coins
Psychometry... in a Paper Bag
Center Shtick
Pop Thoughts
Sew What!

Do You Want to Continue?
...And One Makes Fifty-two
Almost Real Mind Reading
Gestalt Vision
The Du Maurier Force
Think Hot, Think Cold It Isn't Mind Control

An Experiment in Remote Viewing
Word Flight
Double-sided Thought Transmission

Any Card at Any Number
The Thirteen-deck Solution
Any Card at Any Number

What Time Is It?
The Reversed-Hands Watch
The Parking Lot Mystery
The Test of Time




Customer reviews for Theater of the Mind



Waited quite a long time for this to come back into print again and it does not dissapoint. Barrie's thinking is very clever and there is a lot to learn here. The production value is very good and the book is well written and the explanations are good. There are some really clever work and fooling effects in this book.



Well I must say I having been waiting for this book to arrive since last October and I was not disappointed when it did arrive it is a beautiful looking book that you will be proud to have on your book shelf but more importantly the effects in this book are outstanding and I have only scratched the surface. Barrie has a very clever thought process so I would recommend any body interested in mentalism pick up this book comes with my highest recommendation.



If you don’t pick up this book I’d be more than happy to see these effects seen by just the few. There are some absolutely killer effects in here. As a predominant card magician I was interest in Barrie’s work for some time. If like me you are looking for some variation to your repertoire then this book might have something for you. This book is incredibly easy to read and engaging. In all the books I have bought this has to be one of the most addictive magic books I have read.
I’m shocked by how easy the effects seem to be compared to the Wow factor. For example, there is little to no setups on a couple of tricks and I haven’t read everything yet. Each chapter is relatively short concise and to the point with additional tips where Barrie has experimented with his own tricks so you don’t have to tweak these. I bought the first book and was so impressed I’ve bought his two other books straight away before they go out of print again. I honestly cannot wait to add these to my walk around routine. There are definitely those little smiles in this book when you read the methods and are in disbelief of how good the effect is. The few effects you might use in here will be worth their weight in gold. I’m so happy to have picked this up.



For some reason the illusions outlined in such great detail spoke to me. From patter,thru method Richardson is a genius! I have used two of his scenerios already.


Community questions about Theater of the Mind

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  • Diego asks: Is this hard cover like the original?

    • 1. Cayce answers: It is a hardcover.
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  • John asks: Is this book Thant had an effect with a wine glass?

    • 1. Kevin answers: No, that was Paramiracles
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  • Noel asks: I’m guessing, because of the title, this is mentalism routines. Approx, what is the split between routines that require large scale audience participation and parlour routines ( I only perform for friends and family).

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is more than just mentalism - there's a lot of magic as well (for example, his handling of Bill in Lemon, a glass of water production while taking off your jacket, linking rings with a piece of cord, etc.). Most of the material could be adapted from close-up to parlour - and vice versa - so it should be perfect for your needs!
  • Deryck asks: I only just got an email today saying this book is back in Print. Tapped on the link, and it says this book is discontinued. Am I right in thinking this book has gone out of print again after just one day, and is now discontinued?

    • 1. Dan answers: Yes, I have the same question
    • 2. Kendall answers: same email, hope to get a copy. Today's email There's one book, one name, one mind that has been continually recommended and referenced as the book that every performer should own. It's been unavailable for quite some time and we're delighted to let you know that Barrie Richardson's seminal Theater Of The Mind is finally back in stock.
    • 3. Larry answers: They sold out immediately and are ordering more.
    • 4. Kendall answers: Thank you Folks, got mine ordered. You are GREAT!!!!! Can't wait to read it
    • 5. Andreas answers: Ordered last year with full payment but cancelled my order mid May when no date for delivery could be obtained. You may have to wait for the next earthquake in Alaska.
    • 6. Andreas answers: This book has been out of stock for almost 6 months and a new launch date has been posted numerous times. Has the publishing been cancelled or is it likely that it will arrive before Christmas?
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  • Allan asks: Hi is there any Childrens magic tricks in the book? Thanks

    • 1. Ludwig answers: No magic for children. But great stuff for intelligent adults. One of my five favorite books of all time. Barrie's two other books are very good as well.
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  • Tyler asks: Does the book discuss any coin routines?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, there are a few coin routines.
  • Quentin asks: Do you know if you'll be getting any more in stock?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We will be. Hopefully March.
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