To The Point

Trick by Ellusionist
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To The Point

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Trick by Ellusionist (29.95)

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To The Point - magic
To The Point To The Point To The Point To The Point To The Point To The Point

The tossed-out deck has been transformed into a book that can be used for close-up magic and even one-on-one performances.

"To The Point" solves a lot of the problems many magicians and mentalists had with the tossed out deck. You no longer need a large group of people to perform it and don't need any weird looking decks of cards wrapped in rubber bands—which screams "magic prop".

They open up the book and find a picture that interests them. Despite how fair everything is, you always know what image they chose.

"To The Point" is fast, easy to learn and feels organic. It fits in your pocket and doesn't require any pre-show. You can perform it for a group of people or just one person. And, most importantly, it's basically impossible to fail.

Because of the way the book is gimmicked, your audience will truly feel like they have a fair choice from any page in the book. Yet, you'll know what picture they chose every single time. Finding hard-hitting mentalism that works this easily every time, is quite rare.

You'll love how natural the "To the Point" book looks. It resembles all of the different "point it" picture dictionary style books available for sale around the world on places like Amazon. They're often used by travelers who want to be able to communicate, but aren't fluent in the native language.

Using this style of book makes the whole effect feel more organic. It gives it a believable and interesting premise. Mentalism purists will also enjoy that it doesn't use playing cards—which are generally associated with magic tricks. As an added bonus, it makes this effect very difficult to backtrack or find on Google.

You'll receive the gimmicked book, as well as an ungimmicked book you can switch in and hand out for examination. Everything you need to know is covered in the comprehensive video tutorial.

"To the Point" offers something for all skill levels. It's a great easy trick for beginner magicians or someone who is trying mentalism for the first time. However, it's also powerful and commercial enough for the the working mentalist or professional magician to fit right into their working set.


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The principle is fine, and if you read the blurb, you can probably get a good idea of how the trick plays. The problem is that the prop is poorly constructed - there is a serious flaw in that the ungimmicked book contains double page spreads duplicated throughout it. While it might pass a casual glance, surely the the ungimmicked version of the book should be the one you are able to hand out without suspicion. They couldn't even come up with 100 or so unique pages! I guess it's a reflection of the magic industry as a whole that products are rushed out to make a quick profit.


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