Book by Mark Elsdon and 3 Monkeys
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Book by Mark Elsdon and 3 Monkeys (149.95)

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Unlock - magic
Unlock Unlock Unlock

400+ pages of world-class mentalism from Mark Elsdon and some of his most talented mentalist friends. The ultimate book of mentalism has arrived!

Mark Elsdon is the diabolically clever mind behind some of the most creative magic and mentalism we’ve ever seen. His ability to create effects that are both powerful and memorable has led him to be the trusted consultant for many of the biggest names in the industry. Throughout the 55 chapters of Unlock, Mark is joined by more than 20 other amazing performers to share some of his favorite effects, including some unpublished gems.

“Mark Elsdon is my secret weapon. Well, he was until I told you about him. He's the first, and usually only, person I turn to when I get stuck. Why? Because he constantly finds unique and practical solutions to creating astonishing magic. The man's brain is a goldmine of quality ideas and material.” Colin McLeod

Unlock by Mark Elsdon is a unique, eye-opening read that not only contains tricks, but also tips on how to become a better overall mentalist. The type of performer that is impossible to forget even weeks, months or years after the performance. He offers invaluable advice on everything from how to develop your own persona to material selection and even how to act in certain scenarios.

Whether you’re just getting started in mentalism or are a seasoned pro, there is something for everyone in Unlock. As the name implies, this is your key to unlocking the expert mind-reader that lives inside of you.

A small sampling of the mind-blowing routines inside of Unlock:

Quiz Master
An entertaining and powerful mentalism effect using Trivial Pursuit cards.

Antique Roadshow
Predict the price of any object.

Mark’s signature effect for displaying sensational feats of memory.

Decibel Vision
For the FIRST TIME EVER, Mark will share the secret to his completely hands-off method for having a thought-of card revealed over the phone by a “psychic friend.” The mentalist does not play a role in selecting the card or even dialing the phone number. In fact, the performer is never in contact with the “psychic friend” right before, during, or after the routine. Many of the best mentalists in the world agree that “Decibel Vision” alone is worth the cost of this book.

This is just the tip of the iceberg though. Mark called on 22 of the most creative minds in magic and mentalism to share some of their best creations. Unlock is truly the ultimate collection of mentalism featuring contributions from: Michael Weber, Jeff McBride, Ran Pink, Thom Bleasdale, Scott Grossberg, Luke Jermay (whose “Balloon-Ology” concept is insanely clever), Ken Dyne, Stuart Nolan, Atlas Brookings, Bill Abbott, Paul Brook, Roddy McGhie and many others.

A Hidden Secret

As a SPECIAL BONUS, hidden among the 416 pages of this gorgeous hardcover book is a puzzle. Those who solve the puzzle will be eligible to win a wonderful prize from Mark.

“Mark Elsdon is equally adept at inventing, performing, creating, and theorizing about magic. He consults for television, lectures, and performs, all with equal proficiency. And, he's one of my favorite guys to watch.” Joshua Jay

“Mark Elsdon is on a very short list of magic and mentalism's most creative innovators. When Mark let's me in on what he's working on, I'm ALWAYS fooled badly and find something to add to my own work.” Bill Abbott

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Hardcover | 416 Pages | 55 Chapters | 22 Contributors


Customer reviews for Unlock



I am not really into mental magic and bought this as a curiosity. That said I am loving this book. The production values are fantastic, its an easy read photos and drawing are excellent. I love the way this book is written, its entertaining and very insightful. Its on the pricey side but in my opinion well worth it. I highly recommend this book. Get it!



This is a beatifully produced book with even better material. In addition to routines, there are plenty of essays that will help you understand the author's philosophy and approach to mentalism. Higly recommended for the serious mentalist!


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  • Randall asks: Is Unlock written in English or in French?

    • 1. Cory answers: It’s English
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  • Stuart asks: If it is in English, why were the promo videos and pics of the pages of the book in French??

    • 1. John answers: The book is in English.
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  • Doug asks: Is Unlock just a compilation of his three limited release books, Mentalism Reveals 1, 2 and 3? Or is there new information, etc, besides the three books?

    • 1. Samuel answers: From what I understand there is over 100 pp. of new material.
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  • Jason asks: How many routines are included in the book? Is there a table of contents available?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This book is Three Mentalism Reveals Books Combined and Collated into One Single Volume Plus an Additional 100 pages of Brand New Material!
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