Unreal (Book)

Book by Bruce Bernstein
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Unreal (Book)

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Book by Bruce Bernstein (74.95)

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After being unavailable for years, Bruce Bernstein’s seminal book Unreal is finally back in print

This stunning deluxe foil-stamped hardcover book is the ultimate showcase of Bruce’s finest work from more than three decades of creating and refining some of the most innovative mentalism we’ve ever seen. You’ll quickly discover why some of the greatest mind-readers in recent history trust Bruce when they need to develop something truly special.

Unreal features more than 240 pages of devious ideas and routines. You’ll learn inexplicable feats of thought reading, predictions, psychometry, utility techniques for obtaining secret information, cold reading scripts and techniques, and more. 10 thought-provoking essays have also been written exclusively for the book.

There’s something for everyone like “Eat at Joes”, which is widely considered to be of the most commercial mentalism routines ever created. This is the effect you will rely on when you really need to make a lasting impact. Multiple envelopes are fairly mixed before being opened to reveal each one contains a letter that now spells out a special message.

You’ll also enjoy essential techniques like the “Bernstein Center Tear”, as well as Bernstein’s take on mental magic with cards with “Psych-Out”, a revelatory mentalism approach to the 10-card poker deal. Everything is written in a familiar, captivating style accompanied by expert illustrations by Tony Dunn.

These mental mysteries often only require basic props from slips of paper to money and playing cards. They’re also well within the range of the average mentalist. No complicated sleight–of–hand or complex technology is required. That being said, some of the techniques are quite bold and will take a healthy dose of chutzpah.

Simply put, Unreal by Bruce Bernstein was written for workers by a worker. It is essential reading for any mentalist or wonder performer. Don’t miss your chance to grab a copy.

Deluxe Foil-Stamped Hardcover | 242 Pages | Black-and-White Illustrations | Introduction by Jon Stetson


Customer reviews for Unreal (Book)



Sensational. Admittedly, despite not knowing any Bernstein material (at least not knowingly) in over 20 years of magic and mentalism study, I decided to pick up this book. I avoided the center tear for the reason of lack of justification in all that time- not anymore. I avoided Curry’s swindle switch for fear of it being too obvious- not anymore. This book feels like a modernized version of 13 Steps only with fresh and even more thought provoking material.
The book is quite thin and I thought I was going to be finished in a couple days. It’s about 3 weeks later I’m only half way through, solely because the material is so good that I literally have to digest and ponder every time I sit down to read it. Already worth the price.
Kudos to Mr. Bernstein for the incredible material and to Vanishinginc for putting it back in print.



For a thin book, this is dense. Every routine is packed with thought-provoking ideas and methods that you'll want to incorporate into your repertoire. It's a shame feels the need to repeatedly tell you how good so many of the routines are before (sometimes during and after too) describing them. I wish the author's editorial skills were as developed as his self-belief. Mistakes are littered throughout the text, which is a shame for such a beautifully bound volume.



Uhm I am a bit I two minds about this book. I am not really a mentalist but some of the methods just sprang to mind reading the effect and when in turns out to be the method I was a bit dissapointed. I would consider myself and informed layman when it comes to mentalism and some of the methods I find too obvious and layman might too. The editing could be improved. Was just ok for me.


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