Jean Noblet Artisan Tarot Cards

Accessory by Artisan Tarot
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Jean Noblet Artisan Tarot Cards

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Accessory by Artisan Tarot (35.00)

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An elegant, luxurious restoration of one of the most influential decks of tarot cards in the world.

First developed around 1650, the “Jean Noblet Tarot Deck” is a lavish deck of tarot cards that is believed to be the earliest surviving deck of tarot cards sporting the iconic Marseilles tarot design. Known as Tarot de Marseilles (or Tarot of Marseilles), these Italian suited tarot cards have inspired countless other tarot decks and playing cards, and continue to be used to this day.

The only remaining copy of an original “Jean Noblet Tarot Deck” known to still be in existence resides in the National Library of France. However, the talented team at Artisan Tarot has given new life to this iconic piece of tarot history.

The “Jean Noblet Artist Tarot Deck” is an extraordinary reproduction that beautifully pays tribute to the original, while offering a contemporary touch for the tarot reader of today. Every single card was meticulously redrawn and recolored. No detail was spared. It was not designed to be a carbon copy of the original, but rather an elegant, refined deck that inspires the imagination of the modern tarot reader.

Inside the lavish custom tuck case, you’ll find a standard 78 card tarot deck that shares many similarities to the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck design most people are familiar with. It encompasses both the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, and features the same popular tarot suits—wands, cups, swords and coins. However, these “Jean Noblet Tarot Cards” were designed well before the idea of tarot readings were introduced. As they were designed to be used for tarot card games, they feature pips on the minor arcana cards like a deck of playing cards.

Conducting tarot readings with the “Jean Noblet Tarot Deck” enables you to reach an entirely new level of interpretation. Stripping the idea of reading tarot down to its core, they teach you to truly trust your own instinct and knowledge. Harnessing the power of esoteric numerology, you’ll find deep and personalized translations that often differ from your experience with a “standard” tarot deck.

“Jean Noblet Artistan Tarot Cards” Key Details

  • Bridge Playing Card Size (2.25in x 3.5in) for easy use and increased portability
  • Printed in the USA by Shuffled Ink using eco-friendly materials.
  • Manufactured on deluxe 310gsm stock with an exceptional linen finish
  • Pulling the cards and creating tarot spreads is smoother than ever

Beyond tarot readings, this is a beautiful deck of tarot cards for mentalists or magicians to use as part of their mentalism or magic act. Their bridge playing card size also offers extra potential.

Card names are in French. Included informational card and promotional card are in English.

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  • Tom asks: Due to this very specific statement: "Beyond tarot readings, this is a beautiful deck of tarot cards for mentalists or magicians to use as part of their mentalism or magic act". Is this referring to a characteristic of the cards that I'm hoping it does?

    • 1. Jim answers: I'm not sure which characteristic you are hoping for…
    • 2. William answers: No. This is a standard tarot deck.
    • 3. Tom answers: Are they marked?
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