Expert Coin Magic

Book by David Roth
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Expert Coin Magic

80.00 usd

Book by David Roth (80.00)

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Learn Coin Magic from the man Dai Vernon said, "has an amazing ability when performing with coins. He is truly a genius."

Contents of Expert Coin Magic

  • Retention Vanish
  • Fingertip Retention Vanish
  • The Shuttle Pass
  • Roth Palm Change
  • Skinner's Spidergrip Vanish
  • The Scoop Addunder
  • Lapping a Coin From the Closed Fist
  • The Kaps Subtlety
  • Benzais Friction Palm
  • Three-Coin Click Pass
  • The Flurry
  • Standup Flurry Climax
  • Deep Palm Tenkai Pennies
  • Deep Palm Tenkai Double Vanish
  • Deep Palm Tenkai Merge
  • Karate Coin For Professional Performance
  • Continuous Spellbound
  • Pulling Off Ten Cents
  • A Mighty Squeeze
  • Squeeze It
  • A Funnel Coin in Bottle
  • New Wave Coin in Bottle
  • Folding Coins Through Table
  • Folding Coins Across
  • Winged Silver
  • E.Z. Coins Across
  • Shell Coins Across
  • The Original Chinese Coin Assembly
  • The Magician's Chinese Coin Assembly
  • Twentieth Century Coins
  • Digital Copper/Silver
  • Tabled Copper/Silver
  • Winged Silver on Edge
  • The Original Hanging Coins
  • Flash Production with Four Coins
  • Flash Production with Five Coins
  • Wild Coin on Edge
  • John Ramsay's Cylinder and Coins (With Edge Grip)
  • Deep Backclip
  • The Flash Change
  • Copper/Silver Deep Backclip Routine (with a Gaffed Coin)
  • Copper/Silver Deep Backclip Routine (With an Extra Coin)
  • Commercial Copper/Silver With Deep Backclip
  • Two Coppers and One Silver Deep Backclip Routine
  • Deep Backclip Exhibition Coins Across
  • Deep Backclip Coins Across
  • Down The Sleeve in Deep Backclip
  • Wild Like No Other
  • No Lapping Wild Coin No. 1
  • No-Lapping Wild Coin No. 2
  • Favorite Wild Coin
  • The Legendary Four Coin Trick
  • Squash
  • Stonehenge Coin Assembly
  • The Lapel Coin
  • The Eraser
  • The Fugitive Coins
  • Linking Coins
  • The Click Pass
  • Covered Click Pass
  • Steals to Position
  • Finger Base Click Pass
  • Tabled Click Pass
  • The Bold Steal
  • Rim Steal No. 1
  • Rim Steal No. 2
  • Rim Steal No. 3
  • Stack Rim Steal No. 1
  • Stack Rim Steal No. 2
  • The Spillout Steal
  • Lid Load No. 1
  • Lid Load No. 2
  • Repeat Lid Load
  • Loaded Lid Pickup
  • Lightning Turnover
  • Snap Turnover
  • Table Turnover
  • Standard Turnover
  • Third-Finger Turnover
  • The Final Turnover
  • Shuttle-Pass Box Switch
  • Sweeplap Box Switch
  • Roth/Kaps Box Switch
  • Sound Box Switch
  • Metamorphosis Box Switch
  • Opening Production No. 2 (The Boston Palm Load)
  • Opening Production No. 3
  • Opening Production No. 4 (The Triple Load)
  • Out With Four
  • Out With Five
  • Out In Out
  • Coins Through Hand
  • Four Halves to Four Dimes
  • A Chinese Climax
  • Thumb Steal to Edge Grip
  • Out With Four a la Edge Grip
  • Copper Flight
  • Triple Change Climax
  • Copper/Silver For Magicians No. 1
  • Copper/Silver For Magicians No. 2
  • Three Silvers and One Copper
  • The Sokito Box
  • Four Coin Transposition
  • The Heavy Box Routine
  • The Nokito Box
  • The Table
  • Purse and Glass
  • The Ruler
  • The Portable Hole
  • The Micrometer
  • The Planet
  • The Funnel
  • Linking Coins II
  • The Rainbow
  • The Sleeve
  • Silly Putty
  • The Salt Shaker
  • The Stamp Trick
  • The Tuning Fork

Hardbound and Fully Illustrated. 369 pages


Customer reviews for Expert Coin Magic



Excellent Quality book, the one I received came with a dust jacket, great coin magic also has plenty of images along with the written methods.



This is a book I have been after for along time as it was out of print for many years so anybody interested in coin magic should snap this book up immediately before it goes back out of print, this book is well known as the bible on coin magic, and there is enough material in this book to keep you entertained and practicing for a long time and with the name David Roth you know it doesn't get any better highly recommended.



I have recently become reinvigorated in my interest in magic when my daughter showed a desire in wanting to learn. I of course had Bobo's book (I did get the expanded version lately) but Roth's book always been out of reach for me when I was younger and later it was out of print. Now, reprinted, I scooped it up before it's unavailable again. This book is amazing and the illustrations are well done. It really is a must buy.



This book i have often heard it termed as the bible of coin magic. It covers all the sleight needed to become a great coin worker and most importantly covers a lot on coin boxes, which David Roth was a legend with.


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