It's Impossible

Magic download (video) by Miguel Gea
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It's Impossible

5.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Miguel Gea (5.00)

The maestro of coin magic, the innovator of Spanish prestidigitation and 1/3 of The Fat Brothers, offers an incredible coin routine using an under used gimmick that's sitting in your junk drawer right now.

You will use it to create a high paced, visual magical routine that will confuse and amaze your spectators. Part transpo, part ambitious coin, part copper/silver, Miguel teaches the ins and outs of this marvelous 4-phased coin routine where coins vanish and appear in the most remarkable ways.

By the end, you'll have them screaming, "It's Impossible".

NOTE: 2 special coin gaffs are required to perform this trick.


Customer reviews for It's Impossible



I can only recommend this tutorial. Although gaffs are used, it really is the most rudimentary and affordable equipment that probably every coin magician has. Nothing difficult, the last part is a bit tricky. Suitable for beginners.



Holy freaking crap. Watching this is like getting hit with a truck. Explanation is like getting hit with two trucks. Wierdness aside, this is a WORKER and man, I threw this into my main work after 5 min of practice. It freaking destroys, and its harder to tell who has more fun, the audience crying bull, or me laughing from performing it.

I've learned a lot from Miguel Angel Gea and his Essence set, but, this is truly my favorite thing from him, by far. You do need a 2 gimmicks (one you likely have), but you can get them for cheap...if you know where to look.

The trick meets all my strictest criteria, (has to be easy, instant reset if you use a coin purse...) and exceeds all of it without even trying.

Final Thoughts: That $5 ain't gonna spend itself...hahaha



Wonderful effect. The beauty of it is the method changes every time you repeat it. And it makes good use of a gimmick I'll bet is collecting dust in your magic drawer right now.



This is the best coin routine I've seen in quite some time. The explanation is very clear, and it is worth putting into your repiture. For $5.00 its a steel. Highly recommended...


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