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Book (pre-order) by Michael Rubinstein ($85.00)

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Rubinstein Coin Magic Rubinstein Coin Magic

"Every 10 years or so in magic, a book comes out that is a game changer. Dr Michael Rubinstein has finally shared his magnum opus, his legacy." John Carey

A lifetime of coin magic and learning has been jam-packed into this unbelievable treatise on sleight-of-hand coin magic from Dr. Michael Rubinstein.

Rubinstein Coin Magic is destined to be an instant classic. This will become one of the signature books that all future coin magic books are measured against.

This massive 500+ page volume is filled with more than 90 amazing routines and over 50 original techniques taught with exceptional detail and 930 high-quality illustrations. There is even a complete BONUS section filled with over 400 puns and one-liners for any occasion.

In addition to discussing the coin tricks Dr. Michael Rubinstein has been performing and teaching for more than 50 years, Rubinstein Coin Magic explores some exclusive new ideas, plots and techniques that have never been seen anywhere else.

But, don't take our word for it...Here's what some of the best magicians in the world had to say:

"Inside this beautifully produced book you will learn the nitty-gritty details to pure sleight-of-hand coin magic. A lifetime of work is concentrated in this overwhelming tome." Steve Cohen

Michael Rubinstein has created a major contribution to the cannon of coin magic. If you love coin magic, you are going to find inspiration, and a lot of terrific ideas, all presented in a beautiful package." John Carney

"The big, important magic book has returned at last, and it's about Coins! Michael Rubinstein and a small army of conspirators have created a frightening amount of solid commercial magic and crushed it between two covers for your delight, discovery and eventual deployment. Classics are revised, card effects transformed, and strange new things brought to life. Do not miss this." Curtis Kam

"It is very difficult to fool magicians using sleight of hand. Michael has been fooling me with his coin magic for more than 40 years. Now I get to learn how he did it. This a monumental work in the field of coin magic and I highly recommend you get it and study what he has to offer." Meir Yedid

"I've always been impressed with Michael Rubinstein's creativity and skill with coin magic. His new book, Rubinstein Coin Magic is a MUST read for any serious student and practitioner of this art form. Allow me to put it this in simpler terms. There are few books on coin magic that have changed the landscape of this beautiful art form: Bobo's Modern Coin Magic, David Roth's Expert Coin Magic, and now... Michael Rubinstein's Rubinstein Coin Magic." Eric DeCamps

"WOW! What an absolutely Outstanding book for anyone wishing to study coin magic and become a sleight of hand expert using coins!!!! Excellent pictures throughout the entire book and the simplified text makes it easy to understand as well as enjoy!!! I have to say it's the latest Amazing & Best book on the market since David Roth's Expert Coin Magic!!" Mickey Silver

"Buy this book! It is clearly written, easy to understand and the photographs document all the details you need to learn this wonderful material. The result is encyclopedic, but understand that the techniques and routines are polished over time through performance. It's impossible to cover the scope of the book. Be prepared to take a 'Deep Dive' into a wonderland of amazing magic. Michael Rubinstein's Rubinstein Coin Magic is an instant classic. I know that I'll be reading it for years to come! It will open your mind to a new horizon of visual coin magic." Bob Kohler


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    Richard asks: Is there impromptu coin magic, I am trying to get into coin magic and don’t have all the coin gimmicks or any for that matter so is there impromptu coin magic in this book as well.

    • 1. michael answers: Yes, there is a lot of impromptu coin magic. As opposed to gimmicks, the focus of the book is practical magic by sleight of hand, so there are many routines that just need a few coins. There is stand up magic for walk around, at the table, as well as formal routines. There are new moves and techniques taught (over 50 in part one alone) that you can also use to improve every aspect of your magic. There is one chapter out of twenty devoted to magic with gaffed coins, but the book pretty much stays away from the expensive gaffs (although there are a few used in the Friends chapter). With 500 pages crammed with coin magic, you can't go wrong!! Hope that answers your question
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Customer reviews for Rubinstein Coin Magic



I honestly believe this book will set a new bar in the realm of "Books about Coin Magic".

I am going to start out with stating the fact that "Modern Coin Magic / The New Modern Coin Magic" by J.J. Bobo have recently been "called out" or "de-throned" as the "Bible" of coin magic. This has come up more often in the last year or two by many (Most notably Curtis Kam on his Reel Magic Series and Rick Holcombe on his YouTube channel). This is not to say that Bobo's Book does not contain very powerful effects and sleights, just that there are now some better out there and it contains outdated material.

It does not leave a lot out there as far as "large" coin magic books like "Expert Coin Magic" and "Coin Magic" by Richard Kaufman. There are some very good / great underground to notable smaller books also and recently we got a decent sized book about the coin magic of Geoff Latta that has been well received.

Now enter Dr. Michael Rubinstein's enormous tome - "Rubinstein Coin Magic". I was one of the lucky few to have pre-ordered directly from Michael before it was even in his hands from the printers and even luckier to get mine he Friday of Memorial Day Weekend (before he was asked, or told, not to ship any more until the official release date) so I have been able to read it in it's entirety and re-read parts of special interest to me.

I will say, along with many of the more seasoned and well read contributors, who had early paper edit copies, that this book is certainly a contender for the title. It will most likely be the new "must have" for anyone serious about coin magic. The book is huge, well written, easy to understand as well as follow along and the photos are incredibly well taken from the proper angles. The work that went into producing this book must have been mind numbing (which is ok because we will enter the "Twilight Zone" as well as alternate realities of it. That means a few different methods for those not familiar with his famed effect he performed on "Penn and Teller's Fool Us". One of the versions is brand new and never seen print before (hint, it is one of my favorites in the book).

Along with routines, he teaches many of his sleights from the years of working with them and I was pleasantly surprised that the first to be taught is "R.O.P.S." and I have not quite been doing it right for a long time. I am working on fixing that with a good bit of success using his step by step teaching in the book rather than following my old dvd too quickly and missing some important elements of the move.

If you have ever seen him perform, you will surely know that he doesn't let a good (or bad) pun go to waste. It is his character. Not the one he plays, it is too genuine to not be a real endearing part of him. Luckily, He has devoted a chapter to his favorite puns which you can read to use, read to enjoy or skip it entirely (without any of it accidentally "shtick-ing" to you).

If you are serious about wanting to do great coin magic based on his works and the many other great coin magicians who added contributions, this really is a "must have". It covers a lifetime of work from one of the first coin guys to put out a VHS series back in the day and being a force behind the scenes of the 16 vol "New York Coin Magic Seminar" DVD series.

I will leave you with this... Buy the book, it is already almost sold out and awaiting a second printing. For more in-depth reviews, check the Magic Cafe and similar forums as I am sure they will be popping up as others make their way thru the book. Give them time, it is a big one, but you will not go wrong getting this book.