Trick by Avi Yap and Skymember Presents
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Trick by Avi Yap and Skymember Presents (59.95)

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Threaded - magic
Threaded Threaded Threaded Threaded Threaded

Avi Yap's fantastic and poetic rendition of the "Charming Chinese Challenge".

"Avi's magic is a prime example of the perfect balance between pure skill and artistic poetry. With his kindness, thoughtfulness and structure, he leads the next generation of coin magicians into a wonderful future." Homer Liwag

"Threaded" by Skymember Presents and Avi Yap addresses all the limitations of the original Troy Hooser effect. It is presented with Troy's blessing and offers clean and convincing moves with captivating audience participation. You will absolutely love the unique kicker and climactic finale.

In addition to the routine itself, this effect includes the best Chinese Coin Set ever seen. These Shan Gui coins are a true treat to use. They were developed in honor of Avi and his invaluable contributions to Skymember Presents and the world of coin magic.

What is a Shan Gui Coin?

Created over two years of research and development by engineer Calvin Liew, Shan Gui is more than just a coin, it's a work of art. Pairing breathtaking ancient-inspired design with a pure copper construction, these coins offer the perfect look, weight and feel for both this routine and coin magic in general.

Each coin is precision-crafted using a tri-face CNC process to achieve an astonishing shine effect that is not possible with standard molding or polishing processes.

These purpose-built soft coins also create minimal sound when the coins are rubbed together. Yet, you can still create a beautiful echo when they are flicked.

Custom Engineered Gaff

The provided "Threaded" gaff is also meticulously engineered to perfection so you can perform with confidence every time. With proper care, this gorgeous and practical set will last you a lifetime.

What You Get

  • 3x Shan Gui coins
  • 1x Shan Gui gaff coin
  • 2x Pairs of Ribbons (Red and Blue)
  • 30 Minute Online Masterclass

"I've always loved the Charming Chinese Challenge but Avi has taken it to another level. In fact, when I saw him do it live I screamed like a small child when all 3 coins appeared on the string! Clean construction and great choreography... I love it" - Chad Long

"I love all of Avi's coin magic, especially his CCC! I highly recommend it and hope you look at it!" Hide Yamamoto

Get "Threaded" by Avi Yap today!

Skymember Presents has elected to not include TV rights for this effect. If you would like commercial rights, please contact them directly.


Customer reviews for Threaded



Only problem was the ribbon. You'll have to get a smoother one as the one supplied hangs up. Very nice routine and not that hard.



There is an absolutely NOTHING negative I can say about Avi’s routine…..absolutely mind busting….elegant….smooth….cool….Avi gives an in-depth instruction on the machinations of his effect…..and whilst giving due credit to the likes of Troy Hooser, Curtis Kam and so many others, Avi elevates an already beautiful effect a thousand notches above what would you normally expect. He is a true maestro and his thinking on this plot is severely attentive. Thank you. And also….he’s right….these are, by far, the absolutely BEST CHINESE COINS for magical purposes out there. Buy this….NOW.



This is an excellent product. The video instructions are clear and very well done at different angles. The coins are really well made and the shell is excellent. Its a beautiful coin set. The size is a fraction smaller than a Morgan Dollar, which I actually prefer. Just note that the coins are not "soft". This is not required for the routine but would not work well for a 3-fly routine, so they are not versatile in that sense. What I like about this set is that the hole is a bit larger than other Chinese coins which facilitates some of the moves. It would have been nice to be able to order only the download without the coins, but that said I am happy with the coins. I can highly recommend this product, its excellent quality.

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I have spent hours practicing this marvelous routine, finding alternatives to a few moves that didn’t seem to work for me and struggling with others that Avi does with disarming ease. On closer examination, it seems to me that both the ribbon and the coin set that Avi is using are not the same as the ones being sold. I’ve managed to wrestle this trick into near-submission by using a stiffer ribbon and a coin set engineered with a bit more refinement. Specifically, there are some sharp edges on the gimmick being sold that tend to catch on the ribbon making some of the moves far more difficult and chancy than necessary.. I’m not sure from the video, but it appears that Avi’s gimmick also has a subtle feature lacking in the included set that facilitates other moves. So all in all, while I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the routine, I remain under the impression that the coin set and ribbons sold are more impediment than aid to its performance. Five stars for the trick; three stars for the supplied coins and ribbons.



~ Short Review ~

Packaging - 9/10
Ribbons - 8/10
Coins - 6/10 (might be own sets problems)
Instructions 8/10

~ Longer Review ~

When you receive your package, it comes in a Red cardboard box with an elegantly printed black sleeve. Holographic Printing stands out against the black matte of the slipcover. Rolling the box over orientates the back which gives some flavor text about the routine. When the slip cover is removed, you are greeted by a cool setup. A clear plastic package with a piece of black cardstock and a beautiful Red and Blue Ribbons wound on each end. In the center a holographic sticker with the link and password to the instructions. The center of the Card stock has a hole cut out as to display the Center Coin. Once the Clear Plastic package containing the ribbons is removed, you are greeted by the Shan Gui Coins. Each coin is held in place by a Jewler's black foam insert. This is where It lost some points. The wells for the coins are 2 deep. No padding under the coins. All 3 wholes are cut exactly the same size which means the special gaff coin is hard to get out. I had to use an object to shimmy under the coin and pop it out.

You receive 2 beautifully displayed ribbons. A Metalic Red and Metalic Blue. A decent amount of thought has gone into the display of the 2 ribbons and the construction of the packaging the appear in. The Removal of the ribbons is a little odd but not a terrible experience. Each ribbon is beautiful in color however the blue ribbon is really dark, but look amazing when the light hits them. Each ribbon has a smooth finish which helps allow the coins to slide gracefully across its surface, but I would go out and buy a roll of extra ribbons as during practice, my ribbons became shredded by the coins (more on that in the coin section) The ribbons are a perfect length for the routine and when I am finished performing the routine, I roll the ribbon around the coins wile they are still threaded and store them inside a handmade leather case. The width of the ribbons is also perfect for the routine as it allows some parts of the routine work and it's not overly cumbersome to work with and to pull off the moves. I did have to Fire the tips a bit due to them fraying on me, but that was most likely caused by me trying to remove the creases caused by the packaging.

The Shan Gui Coins are beautiful coins for sure. They are super soft and barely make any noise when you run them together. They look great and offer a lot of visual interest. The gold (most likely Brass) and Black contrast well with the Red Ribbon and overall create a great bit of Atmosphere and Visual interest in the routine. However, my coins have some issues with metal burs that were not properly removed. The Burs shredded the ribbon while I was practicing and made some of the moves/phases in the routine a bit difficult. The coins (at least my set) were not finished filed which has left some sharp and stabby edges. Especially the centers of the coins. I now have to pick up some files and clean up the edges of the coins. The Gaff is decently made. It is what it is and does what it does.

The Length is 30 mins and goes over the routine in great detail. The Quality of the video is Standard at best and features a semi "Super Practice" style shot after each phase. The material is taught straightforwardly with no added nonsense to pad the runtime. Each phase can be followed very easily and since each phase is gone over a few times with a detailed phase, a recap phase and a super practice style phase. You will have a good grasp of the routine by the end.
The instructions may be 30 mins in length but go by pretty fast when you are following along. Each move/sequence taught is pretty simple and not knacky at all. This is a pretty great Intermediate style routine that is a good stepping stone for the beginner, and a nice piece for the expert.

For $60 you are receiving a pretty great product. You are getting an amazing routine (taught very well), 3 beautifully designed coins, 1 Gaff coin, and 2 Beautiful Ribbons. All come in very well-thought-out packaging that adds to the production value on display. You are for sure getting your Money's worth out of this set. I just wish a little more care was shown to the coins.



The coins are poor quality for the money. My set had sharp burrs on the inner hole in all the coins, plus the paint is uneven and not sanded off in places. So, you’ll have to do finishing work…unless you want to go through the exchange process. There are other coin sets which cost the same and have excellent quality AND an extra coin. I suppose the higher price is for the routine.


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