Complete Peek Wallet

Accessory by Tony Miller
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Complete Peek Wallet

50.00 usd

Accessory by Tony Miller (50.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.

Special Offer: When you purchase this item, you will also receive an exclusive download from New York based magician, Eli Bosnick. Eli teaches you an incredible routine that uses the peek function of the wallet. You cannot learn this anywhere else.

A magician's wallet should do three things COMPLETELY and PERFECTLY:

  • Allow you to get a peek of something a spectator has written.
  • Allow you to reveal a palmed object inside a sealed compartment.
  • Function as a great daily wallet.

Some wallets do one or even two of these things, but The Complete Peek Wallet does ALL THREE.

The crowning achievement of the Complete Peek Wallet is that it allows for the fairest peek yet released: someone draws a picture on the back of your business card, and with your head completely turned, you slip the card back into the middle of a stack of credit cards or business cards. Yet at any point, you get a COMPLETE peek of the entire surface of what they have drawn.

The wallet also allows you to reveal a borrowed ring, signed card, key, or any smal object from a sealed compartment. Palm and no-palm methods can be used interchangeably.

And, aside from all this, the wallet is manufactured in the United States with premium, soft leather. You can and should use this as your everyday wallet.


Customer reviews for Complete Peek Wallet





This is the best magic wallet I've ever owned. Period.

The Complete Peek Wallet by Tony Miller is a peek wallet with two peeks, a palmed object to sealed compartment (Mullica style CTW) , and functions as a normal and everyday wallet.

Prop Quality: The leather is very high quality, and is soft to the touch.

Features: Two peeks, internal and external (S.U.C) and any palmed object to a sealed compartment. Such as a card, coin or a ring. Of course, it also functions as a great wallet that isn't hard to use when out and about, not doing magic.

How Hard: If you have handled magic wallets before, you shouldn't have a problem. If this is your first, the handling is very easy to grasp onto. A beginner can do this with some practice.

Angles: Both peeks have some angle issues, but the card to wallet portion doesn't. The peek angles though are very easy to hide with presentation and audience management, You can do both peeks with a half moon of people in front of you easily.

The Peeks: As I said before, there are two peeks. An internal peek, and an S.U.C/external peek. Let's start with the internal peek. You place a written on business cards between some credit cards and other business cards. When you close the wallet, you get the peek. I like this peek, as its great for drawing duplications because you get to see the full card, not where-you-have-to-draw-a-little-frame-for-them-to-draw-in-bullshit to get the peek. With this wallet, you get the full peek and full business card. Let's move on to the external peek. I personally like this peek better for some reason. This peek isn't advertised, but I found it works very well. You put the business card up into a sealed compartment, and you close the wallet and put it down on the table. When you put it down is when you get the peek. This peek is great for when people are burning you.

The Card to Wallet/Any Palmed Object to Wallet: This is a great little feature! It has a Mullica style card to wallet and is very convincing. You can do palm or no palm, but I like doing the no palm because the palm is MUCH easier with a MCF folded card. I don't like ruining my cards, so I like to do the no palm. It works fine, and no one will ever suspect it. This is the perfect ending phase to an ACR routine. The load is smooth and quick.

Everyday Wallet: On top of all this, it functions as an everyday wallet! It has a full bill compartment at the top of it, and your credit cards go where the internal peek is. (The written card goes in between them). The wallet is very slim, and won't bulge out of your hip or back pocket. I loaded this up with money, business cards (14 cards), little wallet tricks (EB2, Powerball 60, Play Money), and the wallet is still slim! I am very impressed with Tony how he made this great wallet.

Pros: Great leather, awesome peeks and CTW, very slim, not hard, works like a wallet, good angles, only $50 USD

Cons: Priced too low!

Conclusion: All in all, this is a great magic wallet and if you're searching for a wallet, THIS IS THE ONE.

I hope you all enjoyed my review!




Got mine this morning,and Its even better than I had expected,and top quality for the price.
The methods are so simple,I tried it out on the girlfriend before I had even seen the video..she didn't have a clue.
I only need space for money a bank card and my driving license,so this is ideal as my every day wallet too.
As a mentalist I don't use many gimmicks,but this is definitely one of the most useful tools in my box...Awesome 10/10



Hands down the best thing I got for Christmas this year. You can do MIRACLES with this of true mindreading. Thanks Vanishing Inc and Tony Miller for making a product that is truly BEST IN CLASS.



Thank you for giving me the heads up via email. I don't buy things often, but I needed a new wallet and Vanishing's email ad came in just at the right time. It's a very nice wallet and I've already startled some friends with the peek.
I was worried about angles at first but it looks like the wallet covers that up nicely. Such a bold peek under such natural handling.



Gosh, I have too many mentalism wallets, so I'm so pleased to now own the Complete Peek Wallet. Finally, there is a wallet that has a full peek (not part of a window), with easy, logical moves and a motivated peek (closing the wallet and closing the snap tab.
I won't use this as my everyday wallet (but you could) since there aren't that many discreet spaces for credit cards, et al, but hey, that's just me. A wonderful product that allows me to sell off all those wallets collecting dust in my "box-o-magic crap". At $50, this is a bargain and a tool you'll use often for peeks and card/billet to wallet effects.


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