The Viper Wallet

Accessory by Marchand de Trucs
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The Viper Wallet

139.95 usd

Accessory by Marchand de Trucs (139.95)

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The Viper Wallet - magic
The Viper Wallet The Viper Wallet The Viper Wallet The Viper Wallet The Viper Wallet The Viper Wallet The Viper Wallet The Viper Wallet The Viper Wallet The Viper Wallet The Viper Wallet

For years, the Viper Wallet was a product only available to a small group of elite mentalists. It’s innovative, undetectable peek became the stuff of legend in the mentalism world. Many performers searched for one of the handful of available wallets, but most were unable to attain one.

That ends now.

At long last, Viper is back and better than ever.

This fashionable leather card wallet hides a devious power that allows the user to perform mind reading miracles.

The Viper system gives you immediate access to any information that is placed into the card holder. As soon as the information is inserted into the Viper, it can be closed.

Whenever you are ready you can have full and clear access to anything written and placed into the wallet, without having to open it again. No sleight of hand or weird moves.

You can display both sides of the Viper Wallet. There is nothing to see (until you need to, of course!)

The legendary Viper system gives you a complete peek of anything on a business card, and can even be used to peek the contents of a folded piece of paper! But the Viper Wallet doesn’t stop there! It can be used to gain access to information from multiple audience members- All with a single peek!

Imagine one wallet that allows you to peek, load and steal everything from business cards to billets and even playing cards.

With the Viper wallet’s slim fit design, your viper will easily fit into any pocket. The Viper Wallet was engineered to be used as an everyday item, and can function as a card wallet for business cards, credit cards, or loyalty cards. There’s no excuse to not have it on you!

If you’re looking for a hard hitting miracle that you can carry anywhere, look no further. The Viper Wallet is a must have for the modern mentalist


Customer reviews for The Viper Wallet



Easy to use and the quality is great. Might be quite expensive for a wallet though but at the same time it's the best peek wallet I've handled.



Typical Effect
The spectator writes or draws something on a business card and it is placed in the wallet. The wallet is closed but at any time you can see what has been drawn or written without reopening the wallet and reveal in your own mentalistic way.

Stylish, compact leather wallet
Can be shown on both sides
Gives a full peek of anything on a business card.
No suspicious moves used.
Can also be used to load or steal other cards

Quite expensive for a peek style wallet

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I forgot to add the routines that come with it are great! And the video quality is perfect. Everything is easy to follow and there’s no annoying music or confusing instructions. GET THIS WALLET! It’s worth the money. Plus it’s REAL leather!

VI Monthly


ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS WALLET! I love it, it is very well made. I absolutely love the design and the wallet looks so damn good. My layman girlfriend(lol) handled the wallet for 15 minutes and couldn’t figure a single thing out. There’s only one thing I dislike about it and it has to do with a small accessory that has to do with the peek. Without giving it away the little accessory doesn’t work very well at all. However it is a very easy cheap fix so I’m not worried about it at all. It costs less than 10 bucks to improve the tiny little “accessory”. I’m still very happy with this purchase and I could see myself buying another one just for the heck of it! If your looking for a great peek wallet or card to wallet get this! I wasn’t sure if it did card to wallet Cause the ad never mentions it but it does. This is honestly an amazing wallet that looks natural, and is very simple to use. The methods for the peeks are awesome and for me, it’s the best I’ve seen so far.



This is an excellent product. Extremely well made and very fooling. It is by and far the best designed magic wallet I’ve ever tried. Multiple different peeks and loads. It also includes great tutorials.


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  • Shad Schroeder asks: Does this used Mark Strivings' SUC technique?

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    • Dennis asks: Are you aware that this an unauthorized rip off of Mark Strivings' SUC case?

      • 1. Chris answers: Looks nicer than that one.
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    • Rafael asks: Is the phantom wallet and the viper wallet similar ? If not what the difference? Thanks

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      • Scott asks: Can you use it to peak a drawing done by someone and put in wallet

        • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes you can.
      • Guillaume asks: Someone said you can do Card to wallet too. Is it true?

        • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While it is not a C2W wallet, it can do a no palm card to wallet
      • Jonathan asks: Do I have to wear the mask?

        • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You do not. :)
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