After Sound Dark Flare Boxset Playing Cards

Deck of cards by ARK Playing Cards
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After Sound Dark Flare Boxset Playing Cards

120.00 usd

Deck of cards by ARK Playing Cards (120.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
  1. Themed around the Quintessential Peking Opera

Over 15 months worth of hand-drawn illustrations. Every single piece is extraordinary, putting on a show on its own.

  1. Original Theater Stage Tuck Box

Unprecedented structure and design. Seven individual pieces of cardboard are hand-assembled to form this masterpiece.

This is a deck of playing cards created themed around the Peking Opera, a quintessential national culture of China.

Toward the fourth quarter of 2020, when the idea was just conceived, we were full of awe to create a series of playing cards with such a grand theme. After pouring over the materials countless times, we thought deeply about how we were going to present each and every detail. We worked hard on the design, hoping to better introduce and integrate the breadth and depth of this traditional Chinese culture into 56 playing cards.


In order to place the Playing Cards on the same level as the Changyin Pavilion and Qingyin Pavilion amongst the collectible playing card world, ARK has once again created an unparalleled creative design.


The back design of the playing card is an extension of the Opera stage found on the tuck box. A classic scene from the play Farewell My Concubine is being enacted here.

The corner index was carefully thought out by the designer and is presented in the form of a royal scroll, and the suits are embedded in a small tassel pendant under the scroll.

The two Jokers depict a writing brush holder and a weapons rack respectively, a metaphor that the cooperation between the military and the government administration is what makes a country stable. The four Aces are based on the cloud-shaped shoulder adornments of the opera performer's costumes, with the auspicious Chinese characters of "Fu Lu Shou Xi" which represents Luck, Good Fortune, Longevity, and Happiness.

The details of the illustrations are extremely high. You could even hold a magnifying glass up to it to appreciate the fine details. Lovers of traditional culture would love every inch of it!

Each illustration on the card is exquisite, and it is modeled after the classical characters that often appear in traditional Peking Opera plays.

Guan Yu, depicted on the King of Hearts, has always been a symbol of loyalty and righteousness in the hearts of Chinese people around the world. With a face the color of jujube, a luscious beard, wielding a crescent-shaped halberd.

The Jack of Diamonds, Sun Wukong The Monkey King, is also well known internationally, dances and wields an iron staff.


Limited to 800 numbered sets. includes two(2) decks: holo black gold & holo silver

The main colorway of The After Sound Dark Flare Boxset is a domineering black and gold color scheme that exudes a powerful aura. It also includes two decks of cards. In addition to being the rarer compared to the Classic Boxset, the display box and the playing cards have also been upgraded.

The certificate of authenticity is embedded in the lid of the display box as part of the paper sculpture. In addition to the ultra-high-precision printing, a full-colored foiling has also been added, which is gorgeous and dazzling.

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