Bee Playing Cards (Poker Size)

Deck of cards by US Playing Card Company
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Card stock: Regular
Printed by: USPCC
Box seal: Yes
Custom faces: No
Includes a blank facer: No
Includes a double-backer: No
Includes matching jokers: No

Printed by USPCC
Printed by
Card stock
card stock
Standard faces

Bee Playing Cards (Poker Size)

6.50 usd

Deck of cards by US Playing Card Company (From $5.75)

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Bee Playing Cards are some of the most legendary decks of cards ever created.

Their iconic all-around back design is akin to the decks of cards used in casinos worldwide. Combined with a premium flexible stock, this borderless design allows for the invisible execution of many difficult card sleights. As a result, poker size Bee Playing Cards are highly coveted by those performing gambling demonstrations or gambling-themed magic routines.

Available in either Red or Blue backs.


Customer reviews for Bee Playing Cards (Poker Size)



I love Bees! These are the perfect cards if you're into gambling techniques and sleights like second dealing; the borderless nature provides additional masking, so even if your seconds are imperfect, the cards themselves do a lot of work to aid in the illusion. Not so practical for effects like Triumph or other effects where you need cards reversed for one reason or another, but for everything else? They're terrific.



Good quality borderless Deck, Good quality stock, great for doing farro shuffle, also for doing fans and reverse fans plus good for cardistry too.



I have always been curious about the Bee deck. We don't get them in SA and I must say I love the back design. Its hypnotic when doing back spreads. There are some sleights that are aided by the design such as topping the deck, dealing seconds etc. It does not work well (or at all) with Additions etc where card are turned around. So you won't be able to use this deck for all around magic, but man the quality of the cards are just incredible. Great for gambling type of effects. Its lovely. Really!



Vibrant red diamond borderless back, need I say more.



The best deck for faros, doubles and seconds. Richard Turner uses Bees.

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I just bought a couple of bricks of these and can I just say damn. When they say casino quality they mean it! I work in a casino and these cards might I say are even better quality than our paper cards.
Definitely better than bikes.
I would say these are perfect for any gaming, perfect for anyone to just play around with and shuffle, and definitely well suited for gambling routines. Can't recommend them enough.



A great deck, at a good price too.


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  • Tim asks: Are the Bee decks "traditionally cut" like the Turners?

    • 1. Asher answers: Yes, the Bees are traditionally cut.
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  • Caleb asks: Are they printed in Ohio or Kentucky?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Kentucky
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