Bicycle Inspire Playing Cards

Deck of cards by The Blue Crown
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Bicycle Inspire Playing Cards

8.00 usd

Deck of cards by The Blue Crown ($8.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Wednesday morning

Partnering with famed designer Randy Butterfield, The Blue Crown introduces a remarkable new marked deck of cards built to embolden its handlers to be the best version of themselves.

Its simple two-way back design is adorned with a clean Bicycle illustration and the phrase “Never Give Up”. Just like when you learned how to ride a bike, there will be times in your magic or personal life that you will fall. But, you can’t give up. You must get right back up and find the confidence needed to persevere toward your ultimate goal.

Built exclusively with magicians in mind, Bicycle Inspire Playing Cards are a beautifully minimalist everyday carry printed by the USPCC and fully marked for the suit and value. An additional marking system for identifying the color of a playing card is also included and can be read from even a tight spread.

Each deck of cards includes standard faces, an exclusive Ace of Spades, custom Jokers and a duplicate Queen of Hearts with a special playing card reveal for extra card magic potential.

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Community questions about Bicycle Inspire Playing Cards

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  • Derek asks: Does this deck show as v2/2nd print run of Bicycle Inspire from Alex Pandrea? Or is this the first print run from a year or so ago that you found stock and are selling?

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    • Garry asks: Hi guys. I've had a deck of these inspire bicycle cards for just over 2 weeks, which I purchased from Vanishing. So, it mentions they are marked ? Can you enlighten me, via email ? As I've not come across no such markings as of yet. Thanks Garry.

      • 1. Matt answers: Look on YouTube for Alex pandreas video, he goes over how he marked them and how to read them.
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    Customer reviews for Bicycle Inspire Playing Cards



    I found aftet a short time using this deck that patches start to appear were the back design starts to fade away causing dis colouration, which is disapointing. Other than that, its a great deck to handle.This is probably one off the best, and most simplified non reader back fully marked decks that is out there. This deck also comes with two cool looking matching jokers, and a matching double backer.

    Bicycle Inspire Playing Cards by The Blue Crown
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