Damn Good Playing Cards

Deck of cards by Dan and Dave Buck and Art of Play
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Damn Good Playing Cards

11.95 usd

Deck of cards by Dan and Dave Buck and Art of Play (11.95)

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Dan and Dave Buck present an affordable, premium deck for all those serious about playing cards. Whether you're a professional magician that loves card tricks, or just love cardistry or card games, the "Damn Good Playing Cards" are for you.

NOW AVAILABLE: New retro-inspired "Damn Good Cards No.7"!

Inspired by classic mid-century graphic design, "Damn Good Cards" feature a colorful collection of bold patterns to enrich a playful quality when in use. There's a style to suit everyone. The tasteful designs combined with Thin Crushed stock make "Damn Good Cards" the perfect everyday carry. They are an ideal alternative to "Bicycle Playing Cards".

"Damn Good Cards" Features

  • 56 cards
  • Multiple colors and back designs available
  • Standard faces
  • White borders
  • No seal
  • Printed in USA by United States Playing Cards Company
  • FSC-certified paper

Limited and affordable, with new designs released regularly. Choose your favorite, or collect them all.

Available Styles

  • Damn Good Cards No. 1 Playing Cards (Black)
  • Damn Good Cards No. 2 Playing Cards (Blue)
  • Damn Good Cards No. 3 Playing Cards (Red)
  • Damn Good Cards No. 4 Playing Cards (Green)
  • Damn Good Cards No. 5 Playing Cards (Orange)
  • Damn Good Cards No. 6 Playing Cards (Yellow)
  • Damn Good Cards No.7 Playing Cards (Blue/Gold Mid-Century "Play" Design w. Numbered Seal)

What Makes "Damn Good Cards" So Amazing?

White Borders Playing cards didn't always have white borders. We're not exactly sure of the history, but at some point, it must have been a design feature to help distinguish or quickly count a run of cards. Today, nearly all playing cards have a border. For Card Magic, borders can help conceal various sleight-of-hand techniques, whereas, for cardistry, it does the opposite and functions as a visual separator to embellish the movement of cards in a flourish.

Historically, many playing card designs are confined inside a white-bordered frame, thus cropping or limiting the design to a pre-defined aspect ratio - a rectangular box. For Damn Good Cards, we thought it would be fun to create designs that are neither cropped nor confined within this box. Instead, each design creates its own natural border. In doing so, a seamless design carries on from one card to the next, thus providing a sense of unity where the entire deck acts as a singular design cut up into 52 symmetrical blocks.

Thin Crushed Thin crushed stock was not a feature of the U.S. Playing Card Co. that was offered until 2013 when we suggested that they replicate the thin quality of STUD playing cards which were printed on a thin paper stock no longer available. The idea was to "crush" traditional Bicycle paper by tightening the pressure of their embossing machine made of two giant rollers sandwiched around a sheet of card stock. The process was unique and not something the USPCC had explored before. Although risky, we signed a waiver stating that if the machine broke, we'd be liable. To everyone's benefit, it worked. A thin crushed deck is approximately four to five cards thinner than a traditional Bicycle deck yet retains the same snappy quality.

For the next few years, all Buck Twins playing cards and Art of Play decks featured this crushed stock before the market caught on and started requesting the same feature which is now offered by the USPCC as a premium option. After over two decades of using all types of playing cards, we can honestly say Thin Crushed makes for a better handling deck.

No Seal Prior to 1964, Uncle Sam required a special tax on the sale of playing cards; therefore, a stamp was issued and used to seal a deck closed. The tradition continued with non-government-issued "seals" and has since become a design feature for custom playing cards. We ourselves have been known to embellish this feature with lavish designs featuring custom shapes and embossed foil accents, but for "Damn Good Cards", the thought of keeping the box clean and simple felt right.

A seal can be difficult to open and, once removed, can leave a sticky residue on the box or unintentionally fall off over time. Apart from aesthetics, a seal provides no value and therefore is not necessary for these cards. (Note for collectors: "Damn Good Cards No. 7" have a numbered seal.)

Designed and made for those who use cards everyday. "Damn Good Cards" are premium playing cards at an affordable price.

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Customer reviews for Damn Good Playing Cards



Finding nicely made, gorgeously designed playing cards for a price this low has become increasingly difficult, but these manage to check all the boxes! I love the simple, attractive, midcentury-inspired designs and the texture/feel is great.



Great cards, with very classy designs. The overall package is very simple (no fancy tuck) but they're cards you can use every day and all the aspects of the cards are clearly well though out. Would recommend getting the whole collection.


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