Butterfly Playing Cards (Marked)

Deck of cards by Ondrej Pšenicka
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Butterfly Playing Cards (Marked)

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Deck of cards by Ondrej Pšenicka (From $25.95)

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Thanks to its black edge-printing, the Black and White edition has a classy stealth look that feels like it's been made of materials from another planet.

Classy Black-printed edges! A black edge is a beautiful edge. But it's well known that black edge-printing interferes with how cards feel and the smoothness of fanning.

With the help of Cartamundi, we are working with edge-printing specialists in France whose work not only protects the quality of the cards, but enhances the pack's magical features, and defends against humidity and hand moisture that so often weakens un-edge-printed cards along their vulnerable edges.

The marked edition contains 54 cards, a double-backer, and an instructional card which explains the marking systems.

The unmarked edition contains 54 cards and a blank face card.

All Butterfly Playing Cards Black decks are printed by Cartamundi on Slimline card stock with the True Linen B9 finish.

What is the difference between the marked and unmarked cards?

The marked Butterfly deck will empower you to perform miracles not possible with any other deck of cards in the world. So if this is your goal, go for marked.

If you're looking for luxurious cards to play card games with, the marked cards would not be suitable, so go for unmarked.


Customer reviews for Butterfly Playing Cards (Marked)



Beautiful deck absolutely love it the markings are genius and the effects to do is constantly fooling my audience's and for my magician friends ill show them one marking and the do an effect again without looking at the marking so its a double fooler ! its well worth it



Absolutely beautiful deck and very happy with purchase. The deck is marked in several different ways. It will take time to get comfortable with it and make the most of it. It is one of those deck that if I don't use for a while, I would definitely need to review the marking system. One of a kind. Just looks stunning!


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  • Mika asks: Is this the first version of the second? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Second.
  • carey asks: Does this come with a link to instructions?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes.
  • Ricardo asks: I have poor eyesight. Is the marking system easy to read?

    • 1. Jim answers: I would not recommend it for those with poor eyesight.
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