NOC Original Playing Cards (USPCC Printed)

Deck of cards by The Blue Crown
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Printed by: USPCC
Box seal: No
Custom faces: No
Includes a blank facer: Yes
Includes a double-backer: No
Includes matching jokers: Duplicate Joker & Queen of Hearts
Card stock: Crushed

Printed by USPCC
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Card stock
card stock
Standard faces

NOC Original Playing Cards (USPCC Printed)

5.95 usd

Deck of cards by The Blue Crown (5.95)

Some options in stock.

Didn’t think NOC Playing Cards could get any better? Guess again!

These iconic minimalist playing cards beloved by magicians and cardists around the globe are now produced by the USPCC. Printed on unbelievably flexible and snappy crushed stock, NOC Playing Cards shuffle and handle better than ever before.

However, as far as their signature look goes, you have nothing to worry about. NOC Original Playing Cards (USPCC Printed) feature the same vibrant single-color back design that made them so popular in the first place. These backs are also still marked for the suits and are available in either Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green or Black.

Each deck of NOC Original Playing Cards also includes matching Jokers, a blank-facer and a duplicate Queen of Hearts.


Customer reviews for NOC Original Playing Cards (USPCC Printed)



This original version of the NOC Original Playing Cards by The Blue Crown is a sleek and stylish deck of cards that is perfect for card enthusiasts and collectors. The deck features a bright purple back design and is printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) to ensure top-notch quality and durability. Customers have raved about the smooth handling and shuffling of the cards, making them perfect for card tricks and games. Overall, the NOC Original Playing Cards deck is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality deck with a modern and fashionable design.



Love the cards came faster than expected but mainly wrote this review to say vanishing inc is the best magic site in the world.



I am a massive fan of NOCs and Alex Pandrea. The minimalist back design is quite inspiring. I love the bold colours, so much that I went back and bought green, yellow and I think purple decks. The decks come with a duplicate card which is always handy in many different effects - use your imagination. I also love the fact they come with a blank facer which is always useful. I love the price - they are not overly stupid for a custom deck at a time when you can get them for three time the prices of NOC. Very nice to hold and play with and seem to last a very long time. Many thanks Blue Crown Co and Mr Pandrea



This deck is really amazing! I also have noc pros which have nearly the same feel, but what I like with the nocs in general is their simplicity which makes them so charming. The marking system is genuine and impossible to detect if we don’t know about it. I highly recommend noc cards as performance cards since spectators like simple cards to “keep track” of what the magician is doing. Their price makes them relatively cheap so in the hand of everyone. An absolute must!



Noc original cards remain the best cards ever, for magic, cardistry and anything you want to do with them. They’re relatively cheap and that’s great because they’re accessible to everyone. NOC pro are nearly better even though I prefer having cards which don’t shine too much. NOC cards are definitely a must!!






For the price I think is a great deck of cards. They will last a while if you’re careful with them… If you’re like me and burn through a deck of cards in a day then these are a good all round deck to buy to practice cardistry with.



These cards are beautiful, I wish they had more colours available! I’ve been doing a colour changing deck routine with them and it’s really fun. The solid colour I think really adds something. Well done with this deck, so simple but so beautiful!



I like the simple and elegant design, I think they will still look great many years from now. Very nice for the price and a great addition to any collection.



These cards feel fantastic. I’m a big fan of these decks. They feel durable and light at the same time my go to deck for cardistry.



Ordered on Tuesday, received today (Friday), not bad considering the delays with USPS! The cards are the best I've handled, I'm gonna be getting more soon.



Smart looking deck of cards. I love these because I think they look great in any environment. It doesn't matter if you are performing in a corporate gig or doing a cardistry video, the cards still look really good and the colour pops in photos and videos. Really great.



My favourite deck of cards! They look super cool in black. They handle perfectly, I prefer these to bicycle cards but that's just my opinion. Just one idea for improvement, please make some gaff decks using these cards!



I love them. The solid colour has a kind of understated look. They certainly feel superior to most other decks I have practised with. They look and feel great when doing cardistry. They fan nicely and the colour separation with the border and the solid colour back looks really cool with some flourishes. I hope they bring out a rainbow deck of these.


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  • Hermione asks: what colour are the cards?

    • 1. Dottore answers: You choose the color when you click the green "Select option & add to cart" button.
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  • Winston asks: Why the extra Queen of Hearts?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's always handy to have a duplicate in your deck to use for some tricks!
  • Rick asks: When will you get more black NOCs? I love these decks! They handle like butter!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately we do not have a date for when they will be back in stock.
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