Truth and Lies Playing Cards

Deck of cards by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc.
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Box seal: No
Custom faces: Yes
Includes a blank facer: Yes
Includes a double-backer: Yes
Includes matching jokers: Yes

Custom faces

Truth and Lies Playing Cards

8.00 usd

Deck of cards by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. (8.00)

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They often say that sometimes the truth might just be a lie we tell ourselves.

Explore the neverending battle between deceit and honor with the Truth and Lies Playing Cards.

Conceived by Jason Brumbalow with illustration support from Bobby Haiqalsyah and Lance Miller, Truth and Lies Playing Cards offer us a unique opportunity to reflect on the lies we share, the truths we ignore, and how both offer us balance in life.

Six amazing versions are available, each one with its own distinct phrase beautifully blind-embossed on the front of its tuck case:

  • Truth Playing Cards - “I Never Believe Me”
  • Truth Playing Cards - “Lies Are Convenient”
  • Truth Playing Cards - “Lies Require Commitment”
  • Lies Playing Cards - “Nothing Is Real”
  • Lies Playing Cards - “There Is No Beauty in Truth”
  • Lies Playing Cards - “The First Casualty Is Truth”

All of the Truth and Lies Playing Cards feature 100% original face and back designs, with the Lies decks following a lighter aesthetic and the Truth decks using darker tones.

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Customer reviews for Truth and Lies Playing Cards



I love the concept of the cards but out of the box I found them extremely clumsy to handle the cards feel very thick with very little give in them.
I feel that they are good as a collectors piece but I couldn't work with them personally. That is not to say the cards are terrible but not for me.



This deck was a "what the heck, I kinda like the idea and the symbolism/meaning behind the cards" kind of purchase. The quality is, unfortunately a bit low as far as cardstock goes. The cards aren't by any means terrible, but they are definitely lower quality than even what a $4 Bicycle deck is. For comparison, they are lower than a Bicycle deck quality, but higher than USPCC's Aviator brand of cards. The cards handle just ok out of the box and might work up to good at some point, but I haven't gotten there yet. This all said, for the price, they aren't bad collection pieces if you are going for an interesting Truth/Lie motif or like the symbolism therein. I do like the embossing of the various truth/falsehood aphorisms on the tuck, and is actually the reason I really impulse bought a couple. Plus, the price is right for a "custom" deck that looks different than a standard face deck of cards. Not a bad purchase by any means, just don't expect some high quality deck. Definitely good enough to play games with and never feel bad about the purchase.


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