World Tour Deck: Mongolia Playing Cards

Deck of cards by Vanishing Inc. Magic
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World Tour Deck: Mongolia Playing Cards

10.00 usd

Deck of cards by Vanishing Inc. Magic (10.00)

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You can take a trip to lovely Eastern Asia anytime you want just by opening up a deck of World Tour: Mongolia Playing Cards. This outstandingly beautiful deck of cards is offered as part of Vanishing Inc.’s World Tour Collection and, just like all of the other exclusive releases in this collection, only 1,500 decks are available.

With its masterful balance of intricacy and simplicity, World Tour: Mongolia Playing Cards have proven to be a favorite among avid deck collectors. It’s back design, which was inspired by a Mongolian symbol for “Peace” that the artist saw on a piece of antique furniture, has become one of the most requested back designs ever offered by Vanishing Inc.

Integrating this symbolism and other key elements of Mongolian culture is a critical component of what makes the World Tour Deck Collection so special. Each deck comes from the personal collection of The Great Ezra, a mysterious magician that journeyed around the world in search of one-of-a-kind wonders. Along the way, he immersed himself in different environments and amassed an assortment of playing cards that embody each unique culture. Now, he’s sharing them with you. Look inside, and you’ll even find a special note from The Great Ezra himself about what makes each deck so important and how he obtained them.

Produced by the Expert Playing Card Company on snappy and durable stock, World Tour: Mongolia Playing Cards are ideal for any magician or playing card collector.

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Customer reviews for World Tour Deck: Mongolia Playing Cards



The Mongolia deck is part of the lavish "World Tour Set", a collection of five decks that celebrate exotic locations around the world, each deck representing the culture of a different country.

The tuck box of this deck immediately confronts us with the memorable ochre that many of us associate with Mongolia - many Mongolians love the colour orange, and it occupies a dominant place here. The tuck box leaves us in no uncertainty where we are, with the faux origin being credited as "Mongolia Card and Paper Co, Established 1886". The unique design on the tuck box almost has a floral feel to it. The design on the card backs shares some common elements with this, but has its own shape and pattern, suggesting simplicity combined with style.

The court cards will look immediately familiar, with the shape of our characters being clearly taken straight from traditional courts - the only difference is that they are dressed in orange and brown. Even in strange lands, beneath the unfamiliar clothing of the local inhabitants, are people that are still very much human like us! The Hearts and Diamonds all use orange pips, while the spades and clubs have a dark brown. The dark brown also makes an ideal choice for our mono-coloured Jokers, both of which depict the Yak, a close relative of buffalo and bison, and a creature we are almost certain to see during a Mongolian visit.

The Mongolia deck is easily the most practical and versatile deck in the series. - BGG reviewer EndersGame



World Tour: Mongolia! The tuck features some great color and stereotypical embellishments from the region which is also reflected on the card backs. The faces are the most standard of the entire World Tour series, with no real changes from standard other than color and slight pip differences. This is the one complaint about the deck: there is nothing that screams Mongolia to me other than the tuck, and even then, could be easily misrepresented as another Asian culture in style. The Jokers do feature some lovable Yaks, however, which somewhat make up for the lack of otherwise Mongolian themed features.

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I did not like these cards. The design and color of the cards is awesome. However, the finish of the cards, to me, lacked the texture that permits cards to properly slide across one another. The cards got sticky and clumpy very quickly. Additionally, the stock was too stiff, and quickly became unusable because the cards did not have a good amount of give. My verdict? Thumbs down if you want to handle them. They do, however, look good. So if you are collector who doesn't handle cards, this may be up your alley. For me? I did not like them.


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