Puzzle by DragonFjord
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Type of puzzle: Wood puzzle
Difficulty: Easy to difficult
Objective: Find every date
Material: Wood


27.99 usd

Puzzle by DragonFjord (27.99)

In stock.

The smash-hit viral sensation that took the world by storm after obliterating its Kickstarter goals and earning a top spot on Reddit’s highly-coveted front page is now available as part of the exclusive Vanishing Inc. Wonders line.

We are so excited to have “A-Puzzle-A-Day” available for you. This is one of the most fun and addicting puzzles we’ve ever offered. There is a different challenge for every single day of the year. That’s 365 puzzles for one low price, making “A-Puzzle-A-Day” one of the greatest values you’ll ever find.

Don’t be fooled by knockoffs. This is the only official “A-Puzzle-A-Day” puzzle and we’re able to offer it as part of an exclusive agreement with the artisan puzzle makers that brought it to life.

Each set comes with the calendar puzzle frame and eight pieces. All you need to do is fit the pieces in the frame in a way that only leaves one month and one day exposed.

The best part is you have total freedom. This isn’t like one of “Puzzle of the Day” paper calendars where you can only rip off one sheet per day. Sure, you could go in order and do the puzzle that correlates with the current date. But, the real fun comes from finding your birthday, your anniversary, your favorite holiday and any other dates that are important to you.

With over 120 thousand ways to fit the pieces in the frame, there is a unique challenge waiting around every corner. This is the perfect desktop puzzle. “A-Puzzle-A-Day” is also a great stocking stuffer or unique gift for friends, family, coworkers or even yourself.

NOTE: This is the English version. All months are in English.


Customer reviews for A-Puzzle-A-Day



Prepare for frustration.
This is not meant to be easy. Even if some solutions came fast, the next day, it can all be different.
I have to admit that I am have never been good with this kind of puzzle and that might contribute to a large number of dates in the month since I own it being unsolved.
But searching the solution is the fun.
Enable your endurance for frustration and enjoy the search



It's really cool! I got it as a gift for my dad who loves puzzles. It's basically a new puzzle to try and solve each day. Recommended!

VI Monthly


Great value for the dollar. A fun puzzle. Sharp cuts thank you so it moves easy. If you like this kind it will be fun for you.



This is just way too much (sometimes frustrating) fun! You can go day-by-day and/or try to find holidays and other meaningful dates in your life. I find it to be perfect for fiddling (spend a few minutes here and there), or for taking the plunge and investing a few hours, days, weeks, etc.! This puzzle has its own charming way of inflating and deflating your ego - and you have no idea which you're going get until you set your sights on a specific date and actually go for it. I’ve also worked it in what I call “put it away” mode: mix up the pieces and then see how fast you can put all the pieces back into the puzzle – but the catch is that if you reveal a date you’ve already solved or discovered before, the clock keeps ticking! So you should keep a leap year calendar handy to record your progress in finding all the dates It’s literally 366 puzzles in one! And now that I said that, perhaps it’s at least 366 puzzles in one. Hmmm. Now I’ve got to try and see if I can find some impossible dates like June 31st and February 30th too! Pardon me, but I gotta run …



My wife asked me to buy this for her. I was happy to oblige (and slip something into the order for myself as well). I have to tell you, this "Puzzle a Day is diabolical. A few dates we put in were very easy to solve. Others? Hours of my life I will never get back, and no solved puzzle to show for it.
Give this to someone you love. Or someone you hate. Either way, it will be satisfying.



Diabolical. So simple in design, and yet, so bloody frustrating in execution. I JUST got April 1, after working on it off and on for three days, and I feel like the smartest man alive. This is a great puzzle. If you like these kinds of spatial/visual brain teasers, you can't go wrong with this.



It's fun to have a new puzzle to solve every day. There are multiple solutions to each date, so if one solution was too easy I'll try a different arrangement. Fun and satisfying!



This is not a child's puzzle. It requires time and spatial skills. Some may find this easy, but I don't and that is why I love it. A-Puzzle-A-Day is addicting, challenging, and so satisfying. If you or someone you know love puzzles of any kind get this. It does get easier with time, just like a card flourish.

VI Monthly


This is really well made -- nicely tactile and smoothly working -- but much harder than you might assume! (But you do get a real sense of accomplishment when you discover a solution.) I appreciate that it comes with a chart where you can keep track of the days you've solved because, occasionally, you'll discover one accidentally.



Love it! 365 different and unique puzzles! Really nice laser-cut puzzle, kind of has an artisanal feel. Each day is just the right challenge for me, maybe 10-15 minutes to get. So, non-trivial but not ball-bustingly hard, either. I wish the fit & finish were a touch more smooth but for the price this is an A+ toy.


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  • Enrique asks: Is this the English version or the Norsk one (the latter is the one used for the pics, where May, Oct and Dec appear as Mai, Okt and Des)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is the English Version.
  • Matthew asks: Why are they double the price of the ones in shops and online? Magic shop inflation?

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  • Ken asks: What are the dimensions of this puzzle?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is approximately 5.25 x 5.25 x .25 inches.
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